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School of English and Drama

Denise Wong


English Teaching Associate



I received my BA in English at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and completed a year abroad at the University of Sussex. I came to Queen Mary in 2016 for an MA in English Studies: Contemporary Writing and have since completed my doctoral thesis on second-person narration and anticipatory shame in contemporary novels, memoirs, television series and hypertext fiction. My article on Fleabag was published in Textual Practice


I have taught ESH102 Reading, Theory and Interpretation, ESH124 Poetry, ESH123 Narrative, ESH293 The Long Contemporary and ESH6000 Dissertation. I also teach POL113 in the School of Politics and International Relations. 



Journal Articles

‘Your Choice and Negative Affect in Alejandro Zambra’s Multiple Choice (2014) and Carmen Maria Machado’s In the Dream House (2019), The Problems of Literary Genres. Special issue: Transmedial Second-Person Narratives, forthcoming 2022.  

‘Gazing beyond the fourth wall: shame and second-person narration in Fleabag’, Textual Practice (2021), DOI: 10.1080/0950236X.2021.1971751 

‘Distancing Affect in Fleabag’, Alluvium, 7.5 (2019), DOI: 10.7766/alluvium.v7.5.05

Edited Collections

‘You-narration and Anticipatory Shame in the Millennial Novel’, The Edinburgh Companion to The Millennial Novel. Eds. Loïc Bourdeau and Christopher Lloyd. Edinburgh University Press, under contract, forthcoming 2024. 

Scholarly Reviews 

Review of Xine Yao, Disaffected: The Cultural Politics of Unfeeling in Nineteenth-Century America, Journal of Asian American Studies, forthcoming 2023.

Review of Sandrine Sorlin, The Stylistics of ‘You’: Second-Person Pronoun and its Pragmatic Effects, DIEGESIS, forthcoming 2022.

Review of Kaye Mitchell, Writing Shame: Contemporary Literature, Gender and Negative Affect, C21, forthcoming 2022.



Professor Mark Currie and Dr Zara Dinnen
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