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School of English and Drama

Eleanor Faulkner


PhD Researcher in the School of English and Drama, Queen Mary University of London QMUL Teaching Associate

Twitter: @EC_Faulkner


Dental Imaginaries: The History of Teeth and Dentistry in Nineteenth-Century Fiction

My doctoral research examines the depiction of human teeth and the figure of the dentist in Victorian fiction, and considers how literature grappled with changing ideas about teeth and dental science in nineteenth-century Britain. I read English at the University of Kent before completing an MA in Victorian Literature at Queen Mary. To pursue my intrigue in Victorian culture, I worked in the Charles Dickens Museum in Bloomsbury for five years, and I am now an editor for Victorian Network (VN), an MLA-indexed, peer-reviewed online academic journal. My research interests include Victorian bodies, medicine and maternity, the novel form, and Charles Dickens. In July 2022, I presented a paper entitled 'Lying Through Your Teeth: False Teeth and Dishonesty in Literature' at the Victorian Innovation conference organised by the University of Leicester. 


I previously taught on ESH279 Victorian Fictions. 



I published a research article called 'Dental Afterlives: Dickens and Victorian Dentistry' for the Dickens Society blog. Link:

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