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School of English and Drama

Studying Drama

Drama at Queen Mary explores the many forms that theatre and performance might take and asks how they intervene in the wider world.

Our work situates the production of plays, the design and building of theatres, and the development of theories and techniques of acting in wider social and historical contexts. Studying Drama at Queen Mary, you will become a critic of performance, developing the skills to articulate and argue a position through writing. You will also use performance practice as a way of exploring questions about the world we live in.

This degree asks you to analyse a wide range of theatre and performance practices including, for example, Renaissance drama, naturalism and contemporary performance art. It also asks you to theorise other cultural practices - such as political protest, tourism, and sport - as varieties of performance. You will explore these areas through a combination of theory and practice.

You might write about site-specific works on the street, durational performances in art galleries, eighteenth century acting techniques, and theatre in schools and community settings, while experimenting with these ideas in practice. At Queen Mary we treat performance practice as a critical tool – a way of asking questions and making discoveries.

If you’re thinking of applying to Drama at Queen Mary, look at our Applying to Study Drama pages.

To learn more about how we teach Drama at Queen Mary, please see our page on Teaching and Learning Methods.

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