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School of English and Drama

Student Feedback

The Department highly values student feedback and is committed to addressing student concerns.

Students are able to provide feedback in several ways, including through:

  • Module evaluation forms completed at the end of each module studied
  • Direct communication with staff
  • Formal academic committees, most notably the Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) which seeks to enhance the student learning experience
  • The National Student Survey (NSS) which students complete at the end of their final year, reflecting back over their time with us

Our Students Said - We Did

Recent changes in the Department as a response to student feedback include:

  • Our Students Said: They wanted free module packs
    We Did: We introduced free module packs for students
  • Our Students Said: They wanted clearer information on when they’d receive marks and feedback on written assignments
    We Did: Details of when students can expect to receive marks and feedback are now included in every module's QMPlus area
  • Our Students Said: They had too many assessments in the first semester of the first year
    We Did: We simplified the assessments for three, first-year modules
  • Our Students Said: They wanted single e-submission of assignments
    We Did: We introduced single e-submission of assignments
  • Our Students Said: They strongly valued the contribution visiting artists made to their studies
    We Did: We brought in even more visiting artists
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