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Queen Mary Academy

SEED Award

What is the SEED Award?

SEED stands for Student Enhanced Engagement and Development.  

Our vision is to develop new opportunities for all our students to engage with educational development across QMUL. We will empower students to enhance and co-create their educational experience. 

We established the SEED Award to recognise your contribution to shaping education at Queen Mary. 

If you want to know more, or need assistance in completing your application, you can book to meet one of our team here.

Benefits of taking part

The benefits for students include: 

  • The opportunity to work alongside academics, co-creating your academic experience 
  • Work to put feedback into action and improve your course 
  • The chance to develop your skills, helping you stand out to potential employers 
  • You will receive a certificate and the Award will feature on your HEAR transcript

Introductory video


Our next submission deadline is January 28th 2022.

Find out more about applying

Congratulations to our 2020/21 SEED award recipients: Angie Anifalaje, Aliya Buchanan, William Davies, Catherine Hogan, Aneeta John, Emediong Jumbo, Milton Justinsuthakaran, Mehr Karim, Benjamin Koetsier, Rosie Matthews, Talia Shugarman, Katie Simpson, and Eleanor Thomson.

Read about some of their projects here

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