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Queen Mary Academy

Educational Scholarship

As a hub for educational scholarship activities, we support staff in evaluating their education practice and disseminating their scholarship work.

We aim to embed a culture of educational scholarship around our strategic pedagogic priorities as articulated in the Queen Mary Education Approach and arising from the National Student Survey. Priorities include:

  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Teaching on our courses
  • Inclusivity
  • Student Voice
  • Learner Engagement Analytics
  • Digital pedagogies
  • Instructional design

There are several reasons to engage in educational scholarship. Perhaps you have observed a phenomenon amongst your learners and wish to explore it further. You may want to enhance your practice using evidence-based approaches. Maybe you may have recently completed the PGCAP and want to put the Action Research Plan you developed into practice. You may also be thinking about an upcoming promotion or Advance HE Fellowship application and hope to better develop your portfolio as an educator.

Support is available no matter what your reason for undertaking a scholarship project. On this page you will find a set of resources to take your project from planning to sharing with colleagues at Queen Mary and beyond.

A  composite image showing Dr Ishani Chandrasekara Prof Nigel Spencer Dr Lisa Morrison and Dr Ling Ma

Staff profiles

Hear from Queen Mary educators about the importance of educational scholarship

New to educational scholarship?

We have developed a number of workshops that we can deliver to your team around educational scholarship. Please contact the Innovation and Learning team to discuss your needs and goals and how we can support you.

In addition to support from the Queen Mary Academy, feel free to explore some external resources to get started. 

There are also a number of organisations that support educational research. Here are some examples: 

Get in touch

Are you already engaged in educational scholarship and would like to connect with others working on similar projects? Please get in touch.

email the Queen Mary Academy
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