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The Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience

From 1988 to 2023 the Westfield Fund supported projects to enhance the student experience. Explore these profiles of projects from across Queen Mary and find out more about the impact of the Fund.

Funded projects 

You can see a full list of the projects which have been funded in recent years below.


Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience 2022

  1. Dr Amitha Renauta, Mehr Karim, Milton Justinsuthakaran, Aliya Buchanan, Caremen Dhesi, Rawand Shado, Eliya Ojji (Institute of Dentistry) - Development of Professional Identity through the Anti-Racism Lens
  2. Dr Dominic Hurst (Institute of Dentistry) - Improving Fine Motor Control in Dental and Hygiene Therapy
  3. Gian Canale, E-Learning Unit (IHSE) - Breaking Corporeal Barriers: Virtual Reality as a Tool for Enhancing Anatomy Teaching 
  4. Dr Sharan Sidhu (Institute of Dentistry) - Oral Hygiene Matters: Co-creating and Embedding an Interdisciplinary Model
  5. Damiete Harry, Tobi Oyebanji, Naomi Ayisire and Dr Miriam Fine (Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry) - What Makes a Surgeon? BL ACS Introduction to Surgery 2022/23
  6. Dr Manolis Noikokyris, Emanuela Nova (SEF) - Conversations with Students
  7. Dr David Geiringer (History) - Supporting Student Travel Costs for History Internship placements 
  8.  Dr Teidorlang Lyngdoh, Dr Saqib Shamim (SBM) - The Power of Gamification: Sustainability Management and Net Zero Student Challenge
  9. Dr Anna Chrysostomides (History) - Islamic World Community - Inclusive Curriculum on the Move
  10. Alistair Morey, Chenée Psaros, Gianna De Salvo and Sharlin Ahmed (Library Services) - Second Year Success 
  11. Alice Lanham (QMSU) - Affordable Recreational Sport
  12. Amelia Bramley (QMSU) - Financial Support Fund
  13. Aliyah Oliveros (QMSU) - Queen Mary Formula Student - QMFS Manufacturing Year
  14.  Dr Xianhui Che (EECS) - Using Digital Showcase Portfolio to Demonstrate Achievements 
  15. Dr Folashade Akinmolayan, Angela Jones (SEMS) - BeLOnG in SEMS: Perspective from the SEMS Community
  16. Dr Elham Rezasoltani (SPCS) - Developing an Interactive E-Module to Enhance the Mathematical Literacy Skills of Physics and Chemistry Students from an Application Perspective 
  17. Dr Sally Faulkner (SBBS), Dr Lesley Howell (SPCS), Redwan Shahid (Office of the Principal), Dr Ana Cabral (Queen Mary Academy), Graeme Hathaway (Queen Mary Academy) - Co-Creation of Peer Led Team Learning Training Material for Peer Leaders

Drapers’ Fund for Innovation in Learning and Teaching 2022

  1. Dr Sulafudin Vukusic (SEMS),  Agne Kocnevaite (SLLF), Gabriel Cavalli (SEMS) and Dr Xinru Deng (SEMS) - Embedding Cultural References to Catalyse the Transition to Active Learning in Transnational Education


Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience 2021

1. Dr Guy Westwell (SLLF) - Final Year ‘Capstone’ Residential Learning Event 

3. Dr Jessica Jacobs (Geography) - Producing Knowledge with Film Workshops 

4. Dr Manolis Noikokyris (SEF) - Students' Teaching Lab 

5. Dr Giorgio Chianello (SPCS) - Student generated teaching resources as a tool to enhance inclusion and diversity 

6. Dr Usman Naeem, Claire Revell (EECS) - mySkills 

7. Chris Sutton (Maths) - Embedding climate analysis in the Mathematics curriculum with student co-creators 

8. Dr Atm Alam (EECS) - Social media-inspired interactive short video lectures framework for enhanced student experience 

9. Dr Vanessa Muirhead (Institute of Dentistry) - Understanding and developing strategies to enhance student engagement in postgraduate online courses 

10. Dr Suchita Nadkarni, Shani Austin-Williams, Vishal Vyas (WHRI) - BAME Mentorship for Careers in Academia – pilot scheme 

11. Dr Graham Easton (IHSE) - The Power of the Podcast: giving students a voice 

12. Dr Louise Younie (IHSE) - Flourishing through creative enquiry 

13. Damiete Harry (IHSE) - Excellence Quality Unity Innovation Preparation (EQUIP) Mentorship Programme 

14. Dr Jennifer Randall (Blizard), Dr Nandini Hayes (IHSE), Dr Simon Rawlinson, Keely Kulesza-Smith, Catherine McLean (Institute of Dentistry), Dr Peter Jones (SED), Ruth Russell (Library) - Beyond the Book: A photovoice project with the 2021 student cohort and evaluation of the Stepping Stones and Get Ahead Book Clubs 

15. Mansoor Muhammad (QMSU) - Queen Mary Formula Student - Design Year 2021 

16. Jakki Rossiter (QMSU) - Wellbeing Events Programme 

17. Marianne Melsen (QMSU) - What do students want from their Students' Union? 

18. Bronwen Eastaugh and Laura Poole (QMSU) - Rejuvenating Volunteering 

19. Ash Marshalleck (QMSU) - Workforce Development & Employability 

20. Amelia Bramley (QMSU) - Club Sport Non Drinking Socials

Drapers’ Fund for Innovation in Learning and Teaching 2021

2. Professor Lisa Belyea, Kate Heppell (Geography), Stefan Poslad (EECS), Dimi Sopisz, Philip Tamuno (Estates & Facilities), Tom Stockton (QMSU) - Queen Mary Living Lab: Enhancing the student learning environment through campus-embedded research 


Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience 2020 - Call one

1. Dr Jeffrey Kennedy (Law) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - A Students' Jury on Pandemic Learning [PDF 654KB]

2. Dr James Strong (SPIR) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Understanding Student Engagement in the Online Learning Era [PDF 342KB]

3. Dr Martha Prevezer, Dr Liam Campling, Dr Matteo Mandarini and Professor Gerard Hanlon (SBM) - Innovative online pedagogy for Business Management undergraduate students/modules

4. Dr Maria Romero-Gonzalez (SEMS) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Enhancing Student Feedback Literacy through Learning and Practice [PDF 1,172KB]

5. Dr Folashade Akinmolayan (SEMS) - The development of interactive online resources to support students learning and to provide additional resources for student skill development for assessments, which can have 24-hour access

6. Dr Riya George (IHSE) - Connecting Practice Virtual Programme: supporting NHS student volunteers’ wellbeing

Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience 2020 - Call two

7. Dr Kasia Mika (SLLF) and Andrea Cox (Careers) - Creating a student-led interactive Employability Skills Mapping Tool

8. Frances Ridout, Professor Nigel Spencer (Law) - ReImagine Law: broadening access to the legal profession through a career focused educational podcast

9. Josef Mueller (SLLF/Language Centre) - Language speaking practice for Queen Mary students

10. Professor Nigel Spencer (Law) - Experimental digital learning and networking ‘lab’: student skill-building and community development for boosting engagement, study and career success

11. Dr Adrian Bevan, Dr Alex Owen, Dr Anthony Phillips, Dr Cozmin Timis, Dr Craig Agnor, Dr Jon Hays, Dr Seth Zenz (SPA) -  Blended Instruction of Computer Programming Laboratories in Physics and Astronomy

12. Dr Aleksandra Birn-Jeffery (SEMS), Dr Manuela Angioi (WHRI), Dr Tina Chowdhury (SEMS), Dr Stuart Miller (WHRI) - Humanoid: Bringing the Human Performance Lab into the virtual world

14. Dr Arunthathi Mahendran, Dr Miriam Fine (IHSE) - Professional Peer Partnering (PPP)

15. Alexander Cresswell-Boyes, Professor Graham Davis, Dr Aylin Baysan (Institute of Dentistry) - 3D Printing of Realistic Endodontic Training Models

16. Dr Libby Thomas, Professor Tim Harris, Dr Elaine Cole, Professor Karim Brohi (Blizard Institute) - Bringing teaching alive: Integrating pre-hospital simulation scenarios into distance learning MSc programs

17. SMD Pathology Team (SMD) - Using Whole Slide Imaging (Virtual Microscopy) to enhance pathology learning at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry

Drapers’ Fund for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

13. Gideon Woldeslassie (Marketing and Communications), Dr Lesley Howell (SBCS) - The development and implementation of mixed reality environments to enhance the laboratory experience


Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience 2019 - Small grants

  1. Adam Wilkinson (SMD) - SMD Postgraduate Careers and Enterprise Day 2019
  2. Sally Faulkner and Steven Le Comber (SBCS) - A citizen science website to enhance student engagement and inquiry-based learning
  3. Karen Watton (CCLS) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - qLegal's Future Clients and Collaborators Programme [PDF 609KB]
  4. Harry Gibney - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Mindfulness - Finding peace in a frantic world [PDF 799KB]
  5. Claire Trenery (History) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - History Internships [PDF 782KB]
  6. Conall Borowski (QMSU) - Enterprising student events
  7. Elisabetta Versace (SBCS) - Empowering students: Inspiring community engagement and learning through student responsibility for departmental seminar series, blog and newsletter
  8. Jak Curtis-Rendall (QMSU) - Queen Mary Campus Team – Social & Digital Media student influencers
  9. Ruby Soor (QMSU) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - One World Week [PDF 865KB]
  10. Dominic Hurst and Catherine Marshall (SMD) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Training Dental Students in Patient Mental Health and Measuring Impact [PDF 679KB]

Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience 2019 - Large grants

  1. Shana Swiss (SED) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Stages Toolkit [PDF 4,172KB]
  2. Shirley Wang (SBCS) - Improving Learning Motivation, Well-being and Student Experience by Enhancing Social Belongingness using a Brief, Online Intervention
  3. Riya George (SMD) - Understanding and addressing differential academic outcomes among Black Asian and Minority Ethnic undergraduate medical and dental students within the School of Medicine and the Institute of Dentistry
  4. Sophia MacBlain (QMSU) - Empowering Course Representatives

Drapers’ Fund for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

  1. Gemma Pugh (WHRI) - Physical activity promotion and exercise prescription in the undergraduate medical curriculum: MEdic GAming (MEGA)


Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience 2018

  1. Ross Davenport (Blizard) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Trauma Science and Care of the Injured Patient Programme (TSCIPP) [PDF 801KB]
  2. Ali Ajaz (Wolfson) - WellMed-Culture: A cross-curriculum for promoting student cohesion, wellbeing and professionalism
  3. Ruhena Begum (QMSU) - QMSU website re-design
  4. Adam Barr (QMSU) - Increasing the recreational sport offer at QMUL
  5. Madeleine Spink and Dani Beckett (QMSU) - Student leaders' residential
  6. Ashley Marshalleck (QMSU) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - QMSU Social Cohesion Sport Programme [PDF 821KB]
  7. Andrea Cox (Careers & Enterprise) - Live stream employer events
  8. Melanie Dupin (Student and Academic Services) - QMUL pilot anxiety and depression exercise referral programme
  9. Virginia Wolstenholme and Rifca Le Dieu (Barts) - Virtual video tour of radiotherapy department for cancer week
  10. Riya George and Helen Bintley (IHSE) - BRAIDE: Bringing resources and awareness in diversity education
  11. Maggie Inchley (SED) - QMUL drama schools reach project
  12. Guy Hanke (SBCS) - Developing a podcast/vlog element for tutorials

Drapers’ Fund for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

  1. Simon Lewis (Geography) - Virtual teaching collections for palaeolithic archaeology


Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience 2017 - Small grants

  1. Dr Frances Ridout, Ruby Khela (Law) - The HMP Grendon Seminar Series 
  2. Dr Ewain Main, Dr Brendan Curry (SBBS) - Developing E-Learning resources to enhance the numeracy skills and personal development of first year students in SBBS
  3. Prof Alison Blunt, Eleanor Schreiber (Geography) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - British Sign Language Classes in the School of Geography [PDF 360KB]
  4. Dr Elina Vilar, Martin Barge, Karen Silva (SLLF) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - QMultilingual [PDF 482KB]
  5. Anna Fons Garcia, Paul Webb (Careers & Enterprise) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Employability Projects [PDF 640KB]
  6. Melanie Dupin, Nial Morrisey (Student & Academic Services) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Improving the first year experience of students on the Autistic Spectrum [PDF 150KB]
  7. Bonnie Amato Southcott, Miranda Black, (Marketing & Communications, QMSU) QMUL Values in Action
  8. Tom Horner, Dr Marin Archer, Dr Peter Grimley (SPCS) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Communication Excellence Programme [PDF 1,075KB]
  9. Jessica Benson-Egglenton (Outreach & Widening Participation) - Delving deeper into the relationship between student finances and wellbeing

 Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience 2017 - Large grants

  1. Dr Ildar Farkhatdinov (EECS, SEMS, SMD) -  Westfield Fund Project Poster - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Preparing QMUL student team for Cybathlon 2020 bionic Olympics [PDF 3,219KB]
  2. Dr Leon Vinokur, Dr Guglielmo Volpe (SEF) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - qNomics – putting theory into practice [PDF 1,474KB]
  3. Prof Ania Korszun et al. (Wolfson, Institute of Population Health) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Educating the Educators [PDF 1,180KB]
  4. QMSU - Peer Mentoring: the Buddy scheme
  5. Aqil Hussain (SEMS) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Queen Mary Formula Student Project [PDF 838KB]


Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience 2016 - Small grants

  1. Dr Ling Ma (EECS) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Cross-course collaboration between software and hardware modules to improve student learning experience [PDF 1,144KB]
  2. Dr Clare Penglington, Dr Anne Hills (IHSE) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Developing Problem Based Learning (PBL) to support professional identity formation for medical students [PDF 296KB]
  3. Helena Collins, Sophia MacBlain (Office of the Principal) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - A Q-nified International Campus [PDF 1,010KB]
  4. Jak Curtis-Rendall (QMSU) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Be the Change: Executive & Student Officer Enhanced Visibility Project & Student Ideas Hub [PDF 1,111KB]
  5. Jak Curtis-Rendall (QMSU) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Our Best Welcome [PDF 2,094KB] [PDF 2,099KB]
  6. Dr Ewan Main, Dr Brendan Curran (SBCS) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Developing a flexible suite of laboratory exercises to enhance the Student Experience in 1st year laboratory classes in SBCS [PDF 123KB]
  7. Julie Pinborough (Law) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Law for Forces [PDF 463KB]

Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience 2016 - Large grants

  1. Jak Curtis-Rendall, Mike Wojcik (QMSU) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Creating a richer understanding of who our members are and what they want us to do for them [PDF 367KB]
  2. Brad Coales (QMSU) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Course Rep Development Administrator [PDF 2,026KB]
  3. Dr Rosemary Clyne (SBCS) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Virtual Lab Animation for Biomedical Techniques [PDF 480KB]
  4. Julie Pinborough (Law) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre [PDF 468KB]

Drapers’ Fund for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

  1. Dr Yannick Wurm (SBCS) - Using gamification techniques to teach genomics and driving student-contribution to research work within the university
  2. Dr Nathalie Lebrasseur, Dr Jonathan Hays (SBCS, Physics and Astronomy) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Facilitating the Assessment of Practical Skills in Sciences: Development of a Mobile Assessing Tool [PDF 133KB]


Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience 2015 - Small grants

  1. Dr Paul Edlin (Music) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Developing Ensemble Music Making Across Genres [PDF 733KB]
  2. Ruhena Begum, Melissa Bowley, Jak Curtis-Rendall (QMSU) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Students’ Union App [PDF 435KB]
  3. Jak Curtis-Rendall, Emma Galt (QMSU) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Quest Radio – New Studio [PDF 540KB]
  4. Professor Christina Perry (Law) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Pilot: Identification of At-Risk Students and Provision of Study Skills to Enable Success [PDF 487KB]
  5. Alvin Ramsamy (QMSU) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Welcome Week Volunteers 2014 [PDF 617KB]
  6. Alysa Bramble (TELT) - Closed Caption Pilot for Lecture Capture 

Westfield Fund for Enhancing the Student Experience 2015 - Large grants

  1. Dr Mark Preece (SBBS) - Virtual Experiments in Behavioural Pharmacology
  2. Darryn Mitussis (SBM) - Scaling Company Projects for Employability
  3. Elyssa Livergant, Benjamin Poore (SED) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Facilitation Tutors in SED [PDF 399KB]
  4. Dr David Hone (SBBS) - Developing learning resources in biological sciences through student input 
  5. Professor Conrad Bessant (SBBS) - Enhancing Student Experience in Big Data Bioscience 
  6. Dr Matt Jacobsen (History) - School of History Student Engagement Tutors 

Drapers’ Fund for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

  1. Anna Fons Garcia (Careers and Enterprise) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - QM Skills Award 2016 [PDF 1,467KB]
  2. Catherine Nash, Simon Carr, Alex Henshaw, Kathryn Yusoff (Geography) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Green London Fieldwork [PDF 1,202KB]
  3. Maria Hayfron-Benjamin (IHSE) - Westfield Fund Project Poster - Using a group feedback approach to enhance evaluation of undergraduate clinical teaching [PDF 357KB]
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