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School of Mathematical Sciences

New Girls in Maths Bursary for SMS

School of Mathematical Sciences confirms £15,000 in study bursaries for female and non-binary students starting in September 2023


Thanks to a generous donation from the City Educational Trust Fund, we are able to bring 3 new study bursaries to students who identify as female or/and non-binary. Each bursary is worth £5000 and applications will open in September 2023 once students have enrolled at Queen Mary.

Full details can be found on our Scholarships and Funding website but we’ve included the main eligibility criteria below:

  • You must identify as female or non-binary
  • You must start your course in September 2023 and be in your first year of study
  • You must be a permanent resident in a London Borough or the City of London
  • You must be assessed by Student Finance England as having a household income of £42,875 or less

The £5,000 award will be paid in yearly instalments throughout the duration of your degree programme and it’s your decision how to spend it. You can put it towards accommodation or travel costs, to cover your study materials or a new laptop, or just to help with your everyday expenses.

We acknowledge that female and non-binary students face additional obstacles when it comes to applying for and studying a Maths degree. Whether it’s a lack of role models or the age-old narrative of Maths is not a subject for girls, we’re here to change that. We hope that this bursary will encourage more girls to choose Maths for their university degree and help them open the doors to a well-paid and rewarding career.

If you’ve been following the School of Mathematical Sciences for a while, you’ll know that we are big on trying to get more girls and non-binary folks into Maths. Since 2019, the number of female undergraduate students enrolling on our courses has steadily increased and this year we finally broke the 500 mark, with a total 504 female students starting a degree in Mathematical Sciences September 2022.

This is in large part due to our Girls in Maths taster events and the School’s ongoing commitment to gender equality across all areas of our community. Some of you may have attended Girls in Maths events in the past but for those of you that haven’t, here’s an overview of what we do.

We invite A-Level Maths students that identify as female or/and non-binary to come and spend the day with us and to get a feel for what life is like as a Maths student at Queen Mary. We organise two engaging taster lectures, which are always delivered by inspiring female academics. In addition to these, we organise student a experience talk where a current Maths student talks about her transition to university and shares some tips to make your transition as smooth as possible. We usually wrap up with a careers session where we explore some of the jobs you can do with a Maths degree, including some that you might not typically think of. We then hand over to our superstar team of Maths Ambassadors and they take you on a campus tour, showing you the highlights of the Maths building and Queen Mary’s Mile End campus.

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