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School of Mathematical Sciences

Meet the Postgraduate – Sivaani Aravindan

Sivaani Aravindan, MSc Data Analytics student, told us about her positive experience at the School of Mathematical Sciences, where she had the chance to broaden her knowledge of data, acquire new practical skills and increase her employability while concentrating on her studies.


What do you enjoy the most about your MSc Data Analytics?

The MSc Data Analytics encompasses aspects from different disciplines, which allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of several fields. The course is comprised of a number of modules that have equipped me with highly sought-out skills and knowledge and therefore greater flexibility when it comes to job opportunities. The programme shows how module content can be applied to real-world scenarios, which is a particularly enjoyable aspect of this course.

You have taken part in Insight Weeks at PWC, EY and SAM. What skills did you learn during these internships?

These Insight Weeks, undertaken prior to my university applications, played a notable role in making an informed choice of degree at University. I was able to gain a better understanding of various industries and the different sectors within them, as well as the working environment. The tasks that I had to undertake throughout the internships equipped me with practical experience, which proved to be very helpful for my career development.

Can you tell us about your experience as Postgraduate Ambassador?

Although my experience as a Postgraduate Ambassador has been limited due to the implications of COVID-19, I was able to virtually communicate with prospective students to aid them in addressing any queries they had and providing insight into my experience at Queen Mary University of London.

What is good about studying at the School of Maths at Queen Mary?

The staff members at the School of Maths are always supportive and enthusiastic: they enabled a pleasant university experience. Additionally, the provision of free access to resources, such as the Microsoft Excel Certification and Bloomberg Market Concepts certification, allowed me to increase my employability while concentrating on my studies.


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