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School of Mathematical Sciences

Meet the Postgraduate - Stuti Malik

In this blog, we spoke to Stuti Malik, who is currently pursuing MSc Mathematics. She discussed her passion for maths, what she enjoys the most about her degree as well as her plans for the future.


Why did you choose to pursue MSc Mathematics?

I chose to pursue a Mathematics degree because I was inspired by the applications of Mathematics I did Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics modules in my A-level and have always found it interesting. I have always liked to go into mathematical details of everything and loved learning the problem-solving skills that mathematics can teach you. It opens up the mind to new ideas while working out beautiful solutions and proofs.

What do you enjoy about your degree?

The thing I most enjoy about my degree is constant learning and self-improvement. I really enjoy learning new things regularly and improving my skills.

If you were to give advice to other students who are thinking of applying for MSc Mathematics, what would you say?

I would advise prospective students to learn Latex before starting the course, if possible, as it will really help in writing Mathematics in coursework, presentations and dissertation. It is also highly beneficial to learn other programming languages like Python, R, Matlab, etc. I would advise making the most of the degree. They should also keep learning and keep an eye on various job descriptions of interest, even when not applying, to find out what appeals to you the most. Also, it is really helpful to go over each module every day, even just 10-20 minutes, on busy days.

What are your career interest and aspirations, following graduation?

I am really interested in Statistics and Machine learning, so I aspire to become an Actuary, Statistician or Data Scientist. I also enjoy teaching Mathematics, so I plan to continue learning and hopefully specialise in a particular Mathematical area of interest.


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