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Meet the Postgraduate - Mateusz Dawidowski

In this Meet the Postgraduate student blog we spoke to Mateusz Dawidowski, who is currently studying MSc Data Analytics. He spoke about the importance of data in today's working world and why data analytics skills are so sought after by employers. 


Why did you choose to pursue Data Analytics?

I chose Data Analytics as I love analysing data and using Excel. The programme also offers a lot of choices, whether you want to know the theory or real-life practice.

What do you enjoy about your degree?

I enjoy the fact that I can use so many different statistical software such as R, SAS, Excel, Python etc. It is a very challenging degree, but very rewarding as you will learn how to programme.

If you were to give advice to other students who are thinking of applying for this programme, what would you say?

I would say they should definitely do it if they are passionate about analysing and maths. Data Analysis is very sought after by employees in most fields now, not only because there is a gap in the market, but because data is everywhere. Everything is mostly computer-based, so knowing how to code will give you an edge.

What are your career interest and aspirations, following graduation?

I want to go into finance, pursuing a Data Analysis type job which uses Excel, maths and presenting and consulting. After 5 years I aspire to become a manager of a company or start my own being self-employed. If finance turns out to not be for me, I would probably come back to do a PhD and teach.

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