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Queen Mary in Malta

Meet the Team


SAPS (Student Academic Pastoral Support) is composed of professionals who are ready to offer students a one-stop office for all your needs. The office provides essential services to ensure that you are supported throughout your studies in Malta and Gozo, such as wellbeing sessions, guidance and other such support. Our SAPS office goes a step further, ensuring that your welfare and well-being are respected throughout your studies. They will also help you be aware of what services are available for you in the community, as well as promote various volunteering opportunities you might wish to pursue during your stay in Gozo. SAPS also organise various activities and training, to promote the mental wellbeing of students. 

Booking a session with the SAPS team is very easy, as once you enroll, you will be provided a link to be able to book a session which would be most convenient for you. Sessions are held in person or online, depending on your preference!

Opening hours:

We are open for bookings Monday- Friday 8:30am-5pm. Alternatively, please pop in to have a quick chat and arrange an appointment.

Meet the Team

Head of SAPS

SAPS is led by Aimee Dent, who has extensive experience in the Management of Mental Health environments, securing two Degrees, a Counselling Qualification, and a Masters. Having spent her life navigating between Malta and the UK, she is relatable and sympathetic to understanding what homesickness feels like at its full force, and is keen to support concerns that may arise.

A big hello and welcome to QMUL, Malta. We (SAPS) are available to support you at all times. We enjoy going above and beyond for our students, to support your transition into Gozo and guide you through your journey with us. So never hesitate to get in touch, no matter how small your query.

Mental Health Officer

Malcolm Casha, our Mental Health Officer, has a Bachelor’s degree in social work and a Master in Counselling. He has done extensive work working with youths and adults with various backgrounds and aims to use his experience and knowledge to work with students at QMUL, Malta.

The Mental Health Officer provides students with emotional wellbeing sessions, whereby students have a safe and confidential space to work through any emotional difficulties they might face throughout their studies.

Hello everyone and wishing you a big welcome to Gozo! As you take on this incredible journey, you will most certainly create many connections and memories! However, every great journey has its moments of hardships, and so if you ever find yourself feeling emotional distress or worry, know that we are here for you! Your mental wellbeing is incredibly important to us, so please do not hesitate to contact me should you ever feel the need! 

Pastoral Support Coordinator

Tina Andersen, our Pastoral Support Coordinator, has a Masters in Health Psychology from London and a Diploma in Naturopathy. She worked as a behaviour therapist for 10 years with Autistic children and has worked for the NHS as a Health Improvement Practitioner as well. She started off her time at Queen Mary at the reception where she may have met many of you already. Originally from Denmark, she has lived in nine different countries and travelled the world extensively. She moved to Gozo 7 years ago and is loving the sea, sun and simple life. 

Welcome everyone! You are always welcome in the SAPS office for a quick chat with me if you ever need to know more about our services and what we offer. I am there to lend a helpful ear and to refer you on as need be.

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