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Queen Mary in Malta

Your Application Journey

From application to arrival ... Your journey to study MBBS at Queen Mary, Malta 


1. Take UCAT – The UCAT is a mandatory aspect of the application process. 

2. Apply – Submit your application form along with any relevant documents, such as academic transcripts or certificates, proof of English language and your UCAT scoresheet. Provide details of one referee, an academic or professional. The university will be in direct contact with your referee. 

3. Assessment – Admissions will assess your application based on actual/predicted grades, UCAT, references and personal statement. Admissions will be in touch should they require any further information.

4. Interview – Interviews are conducted via Zoom. The 20-minute interview will include comments and questions on a pre-read article. 

All shortlisted candidates are required to attend an interview.

Interviews take place from December via Zoom.

Interviews are 20 to 30 minutes in duration and follow the same format as the Queen Mary London programme interviews.

The interview panel consists of two persons. We will look for the qualities that we consider would make you a good doctor. An article will be sent to you to read prior to the interview. You will be asked questions on this, as well as general competency-based questions.

It would be useful to prepare yourself by browsing student forums where you can find details of other students’ experiences of interview. The interview is not intended to be an intimidating experience and staff will try to put candidates at ease.

There will be a series of structured questions as part of the assessment and consideration of the personal statement and school reference, as well as an evaluation of the following:

  • Motivation and realistic approach to medicine as a career
  • Show initiative, resilience and maturity
  • Work well as part of a team
  • Be well-organised and demonstrate problem solving abilities
  • Likely contribution to university life
  • Communicate effectively in a wide range of situations

The personal statement does not form part of the assessment to reach the interview stage; rather, it is there to support you during the interview process. The personal statement does not form part of the scoring, however, in addition to your academic ability, your interviewers will consider your interests, talents, and the contribution you can make to our School. They will also bear in mind your suitability as a future member of the medical profession. We look for applicants who have participated as fully as possible in school or college life, and who have also contributed in some way to the outside community. This means we will take into account all your achievements, both academic and in other activities.

5. Offer – Following the interview stage, you will receive one of the following outcomes: conditional offer on pending grades, unconditional if all requirements have been met, waiting list or rejection. Our admissions team will provide you with the information necessary depending on the offer that you have received. 

6. Acceptance – Acceptance documentation must be returned to Admissions and deposit paid if you have received a conditional or unconditional offer. Your offer letter will detail all the documents required along with a deadline for acceptance. 

7. Confirmation – Conditional offers would be ‘confirmed’ and made unconditional once you have received the necessary grades or provided any outstanding information. All offer holders will be asked to complete the Occupational Health and Police Clearance/DBS checks required prior to starting the course. 

8. Visa – More information on student visas is available hereContact us if you are experiencing issues with your visa, we may be able to help.

9. Fly to Malta – We'll be in touch about arrival dates!

10. Enrolment – Present your original ID documents. Induction week begins, timetable given and classes start.


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