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Queen Mary in Malta

Why Study with us?

Study with one of the best UK medical schools

We are a global leading university enhancing the international agenda through our unique student, research and public engagement profile.

Ours is a place where the boundaries of research and innovation are pushed, providing opportunities to individuals with talent and potential in the process.

At the forefront of research

At Queen Mary, Malta Campus, we aim to achieve the highest standards in research and to make a real impact on health-related problems for the benefit of both local and global populations. Our research ranges from basic science at the laboratory bench, to identifying new targets, drugs or other treatments, and applied health research involving patients and public health interventions.

Clinical experience from the start

Problem-based learning (PBL) ensures that our doctors are trained in thinking strategies along with subject knowledge, further enhanced through early clinical placements. Lectures play a relatively small role; instead, focus is placed on practical sessions, learning communication skills, and working in the local community.

Taught by experts

At Queen Mary, Malta Campus you will be taught by experts in their field, passionately engaged with their subject. Considerable emphasis is placed on helping you develop expertise in a whole range of practical areas, including clinical, communication, observation, teamwork and management skills.

Students love us

Queen Mary, Malta Campus is known for the strong sense of camaraderie between students. Fellow student support and a sense of belonging make your medical school journey a more enjoyable one. Students also appreciate the opportunity to meet patients early on in the course, increasing satisfaction levels from learning new things.

Why study with us in Malta

Our five-year programme offers you a curriculum identical to that taught at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry in London. That said, there are specific benefits when studying for a medical degree in Malta.

A London medical school, in the Mediterranean

Same programme as QMUL’s MBBS London (A100)

The core curriculum of MBBS Malta is identical to Queen Mary’s existing MBBS London (A100). This includes early in-depth clinical experience, problem-based learning (PBL), and practical sessions in laboratories, and opportunities to undertake an intercalated undergraduate science degree at Queen Mary’s London campus. There is the possibility to undertake student selected components (SSCs) in London, too. As a student, you will take the same assessments at the same time as MBBS students in London.

On successful completion of the five-year programme, you will be awarded a Medicine MBBS degree from Queen Mary University of London.

Queen Mary academic staff

The programme in Malta is taught by academic staff based in Malta. A number of our academics have taught in London for years and have now moved to Malta where they are delivering the same programme. In addition, we also have a growing number of academics who have worked elsewhere in the world and have specifically joined us in order to teach on the Malta course. As is true on the London course, local clinicians are also employed throughout the year to deliver clinical teaching.

Over 80 experienced academics, dedicated to strides in knowledge.

 State-of-the-art campus and Anatomy Centre

Our state-of-the-art medical school is situated in Victoria, on the grounds of the Gozo General Hospital. Our facilities include a clinical simulation centre, communication skills suite, three large lecture theatres, two PC labs, seminar rooms, library, staff offices, student common rooms, and a rooftop café. The medical school is a modern architectural masterpiece, featuring the latest in technological infrastructure, and unlike any other in Europe.

The 21st century Anatomy Centre was formally opened in 2018 and is also located on the grounds of the Gozo General Hospital, adjacent to the Medical School. The centre features a dedicated area for learning anatomy through dissection and is equipped with facilities for showing clinical images, videos of surgical procedures and specialised computer imaging. You will be able to undertake practicals as well as participate in tutor-led demonstrations using anatomical specimens and models.

Small groups and personalised support

Students at Queen Mary Malta form a tightly knit community with a great sense of camaraderie. This is also reflected in the small study groups which make personalised support and close mentoring possible.

The Student Office at Queen Mary Malta is a one-stop office for all your needs. The Office provides essential services to ensure that you are supported throughout your studies in Malta. Our Academic and Pastoral Support Office goes a step further, ensuring that your welfare and well-being are respected throughout your studies.

Best place to study medicine

The Queen Mary Malta campus is situated on the island of Gozo, a 25-minute ferry ride from the mainland, Malta. Gozo is well-known for its splendid beaches, mystifying walks, cultural events, tranquillity and safety. Just like Malta, it enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year, providing the perfect environmental base for studying. The cost of living is low compared to London, which means you can also enjoy a healthy study-leisure balance.


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