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Queen Mary in Malta

Cost of living

Malta has one of the lowest cost of living rates in the EU, yet enjoys a high standard of living. Prices in Gozo, where you will be based, are lower.

It is estimated that Malta is 10% cheaper than the USA. Consumer prices are 12% cheaper than in the UK, with rents nearly a quarter lower on average. Transit rates, too, hold a substantially lower price tag.

A strong plus over other countries is that the really fun things to do are completely free. Nothing beats an afternoon at the beach or a long coastal walk, extended by an evening BBQ with friends. In colder weather (which is not the norm), a trip to the cinema will set you back only €6.00.

Utilities, including electricity, heating, cooling and water for an average 85m2 apartment, round up to around €80. 60Mbps internet with unlimited data is priced in the range of €30 per month.

Groceries, if you’re willing to buy local and do not have any specific dietary restrictions, will amount to around €200 a month.

Mobile plans with a leading provider for students under 25 years of age start from €8.99 per month.


Transport in Malta

Malta’s bus route network connects the airport to all major hubs, destinations, and places of interest. The network covers both Malta and Gozo and is an inexpensive and efficient way to get around the islands.

All holders of a valid personalised Tallinja Card will be able to travel for free on board all Malta Public Transport buses operating day routes, night routes and special services Apply for your travel card by clicking here.

A journey planner is available via this link.


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