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Queen Mary in Malta

Is MBBS Malta for you?

Have you always dreamt of a career in medicine?

A career in medicine is a rewarding one, but it also requires a lifelong personal commitment unlike any other profession. Medical school, too, is a unique journey requiring utmost dedication, commitment and a never-ending drive for knowledge.

Needless to say, medicine is not a career path that everyone can easily embark on. Queen Mary utilises a mix of elements, including academic performance / predictions, aptitude testing, and interviews, to determine whether or not you’ll be a right fit. In addition, specific personal attributes serve as an indicator in terms of your readiness and suitability.

Are you:

  • Bright
  • Mature
  • Well-organised
  • Thoughtful
  • Empathetic
  • Honest
  • Resilient

If this is you, medical school may very well be the right path for you ...


Find yourself studying for your MBBS in Malta:


52 nationalities represented across 6 continents

18-36student age range

22.5average student age

What our current students say:

“I knew Medicine would be a challenging degree but the facilities provided by Barts and the London in Gozo, Malta are excellent, both teaching and non-teaching staff are always supportive and on hand to help.”

“In all my years of studying I have never experienced such a privileged dynamic between staff and students. You feel supported and heard and they will work with you to make sure that you reach your goals.”

“Being on a small island challenges you in ways you wouldn't expect but having the support at QMUL Malta from students and staff members makes the experience all the more unique and enjoyable, especially through the closeness that's shared.”  

“Due to a smaller student cohort, a closer bond is formed between the year which I think is very helpful in an intense course like medicine. Gozo is a very peaceful place, and will help students to dive right into life here.”

"Life in gozo feels nothing short from an escapade into a Mediterranean island, serene and really beautiful but what feels even better is the amount of support you receive from the professors and the student facing staff in particular regarding your studies"

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