Queen Mary in Malta


University Fees

Annual University Fees for 2020/21 are €20,500 for all students (UK, EU, and international students).

Students who are joining us from September 2020, will pay €20,500 per year, for the duration of the 5 year course.

Fees for 2021/22 will be announced in late 2020.

Queen Mary University of London charges University Fees annually for its programmes of study. There is an annual increase on an inflationary basis and/or in line with government policy and regulation.


Students have two options for payment, either:

  1. Pay in full (€20,500) before enrolment 
  2. Pay 50% before enrolment and sign a payment plan to pay the remaining by 31st January 2021. 

Student loans

UK students are unable to apply for a student loan via the Student Loans Company. International students will need to check whether a student loan is available from their home country.

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