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Queen Mary in Malta

Private accommodation

Where to live in Gozo?

Gozo is divided into 14 villages. The Medical School is located in Victoria, the capital of Gozo.

Some areas are more expensive than others and many of our current students choose to live in Victoria, as they are closer to the Medical School.

Researching online or asking current students through Unibuddy for advice on specific areas of Gozo is a good way to decide where you would like to live. It is also sensible to check out local transport links, to make sure that travelling to the Medical School will be convenient and that you can explore the island easily. 

How to decide?

Travel time

Depending on where you live in Gozo, and the frequency of public transport in that area, the travel time can vary. Ensure that you check Google Maps and the Malta Public Transport website for comparison.

Accommodation type

There are different types of accommodation in Gozo. You should consider whether to look for shared accommodation or an apartment of your own.


Our students live all over Gozo. However, the majority live in or close to Victoria, due to its proximity to the Medical School and shopping and entertainment. Each area has its particularity, find what suits you.


Once you have decided on an approximately monthly budget, the letting agent will be able to advise on the properties they have available to suit your budget.

An internet search for “letting agents Gozo” will bring up multiple local agents. Letting agents can provide information on the properties they have available, in different localities and in your price range. If you inform the letting agent that you are a Barts student, they will be able to advise on the proximity of the property to Gozo General Hospital.

The University considers this as a personal engagement between you, the proprietor and/or letting agent. Therefore, staff are unable to provide any guidance or recommendations in this regard.


When to look?

If you are looking to rent privately in Gozo, it is a good idea to start researching your options online as soon as you have accepted your unconditional offer. Try to give yourself plenty of time to explore options and inspect them properly.

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