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Queen Mary in Malta

Ms Daniela Attard

Communications, Projects and Continuous Improvement Officer

Room Number: Malta Campus


Daniela is the Communications, Projects and Continuous Improvement Officer at Queen Mary University of London Malta campus. She is an extremely organized and resourceful individual with an aptitude for communications, writing and projects management. Her involvement in diverse roles, industries, and academic courses has given her a more informed and comprehensive view of business that allows her to find creative solutions to fulfil clients’ needs.  At Queen Mary, Malta Campus, Daniela leads the corporate communications, the projects and the continuous improvement work.  Tasks include the development and execution of corporate communications, the oversight of corporate projects to ensure coordination of teamwork and timely execution of projects as well as proactive application of continuous improvement initiatives and best practices to ensure effective and efficient use of resources.

Daniela graduated from the University of Malta in 2004 with a Bachelor Honors Degree in Communication Studies.  While at the University of Malta, Daniela was challenged to develop and acquire strong skills in critical thinking, communication and design. Her extensive work experience in Executive Leadership, Executive Administration and Projects Management amongst others has enabled her to develop and master a multitude of skills that enabled her to advance both personally and professionally.

In her spare time,  Daniela has a strong desire and passion for travel.  Having recently relocated to Gozo, she enjoys exploring the island and its surrounding scenery. She believes that her experiences abroad demonstrate that she is not afraid to take necessary risks and put herself in difficult situations. Ultimately, Daniela strives to bring diversity, a unique aspect, and her well roundedness to everything she does.


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