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Library Services

E-Journals & Articles

QMUL library e-journals can be found through the E-Journals by Subject list. It shows available titles and the date ranges of our subscriptions, and gives direct links to the journals.

Library Search is divided between the ‘Books, e-books and DVDs’ and ‘Articles and more’ searches.  'Articles and more' searches all most of our electronic collections, resources from the institutional repository, Queen Mary Research Online and can be used to search citations from some external databases (if you expand your search using the ‘advanced search’ option to include non-full text items). 

Articles can be found using the basic and advanced searches. 

Library Search will try to link you directly to the article but this is not always possible, for example in the case of Open Access journals. In such cases you will be directed to the journal homepage, where you will need to search for the article again.

Please note that searching for a journal title on the main Library Search will most likely not give you a result. Library Search is best used for article titles or keywords. If you want to search a journal by title, you can find it on the E-Journal by Subject page.

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