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Library Services


QMUL library e-books are found through the Library Search boxes (basic and advanced) and are sourced from different platforms and publishers. You can check some Search tips with screenshots [PDF 701KB]

There may be restrictions on the number of users allowed to access a title at a time. Publishers and copyright owners determine how much of any particular e-book can be downloaded or printed, and you are generally not able to download or print an entire e-book.

To download and read VLEbooks you will need Adobe Digital Editions and an AdobeID. Adobe Digital Editions is free to download and to use.

To download full e-books from EBSCOhost you will need to register an account. If you want to read online, this is not necessary.

If you would like a more detailed look at the different e-book platforms, you can check the following guide: Downloading eBooks from different platforms [PDF 1,709KB]


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