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Databases, Newspapers and More


Databases are collections of material not easily categorised as books or journals. For example medical training courses (BMJ), collections of census data (UK Data Service), or of law cases (Westlaw, WorldTradeLaw and many others). We also offer multimedia platforms such as Box of Broadcasts for tv and documentaries, or Visible Body for 3D anatomy models.

Databases are listed on the Databases A-Z list and can be accessed through the links displayed. If you would like help or advice on using the databases please contact your Faculty Liaison Librarian.

Please note that having access to a database does not guarantee full access to the entire publisher’s catalogue. Some are citation databases collecting all publications in a field of study, but do not grant access (Web of Science, PubMed, Scopus). If you are in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We have access to the archives and current issues of many newspapers. These are also kept in the Databases A-Z list; you can select 'Newspapers' under subject area to view the complete list. 

For advice on using and referencing newspapers, please contact your Faculty Liaison Librarian.

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