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The Archives has been awarded a grant from the Centre for Public Engagement.

Abstract painting showing world war 1 battle site showing barbed wire, trenches and smoke

The grant was awarded for a collaborative project with the History Department to engage teachers and students from local secondary schools in the meanings of military service. The Project began in September 2013 and will be completed in July 2014.

It will draw on the College Archives and Barts and the London Hospitals Archives to identify rich individual stories that exemplify essential ideas about wartime service. Working with teachers from QMUL’s partner schools, it will produce lesson plans based around these stories, and reproductions of images of archival primary sources, which will also be published online.

A grant has also been awarded from the Queen Mary Annual Fund to enhance the exhibition facilities in the Mile End Library. The enhanced facilities will be installed in March 2014. The theme of the first exhibition will be the First World War.



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