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Black and white photograph of Clement Attlee giving a speech during the general election of 1945

Donald Chesworth administrator and political campaigner, stood as an unsuccessful Labour candidate in Warwick and Leamington, 1945, Bromsgrove, 1950, 1951. He was a life member of the Labour party, and Student and Overseas Secretary of the International Union of Socialist Youth, 1947-1951.

He served as Whip and Member of the Policy Committee, London County Council, 1952-1965. Chesworth is often most remembered for his investigation of the slum landlord Perec (Peter) Rachman in Notting Hill, after rent protests and demonstrations, [1950s].

He was active in the voluntary sector as Council member, 1965-1976 and Chairman, 1967, 1968, 1970-1974, War on Want, National Committee, UK Freedom from Hunger Campaigns, 1969-1976,Executive Board, Voluntary Committee on Overseas Aid and Development, 1969-1976, Chairman, World Development Political Action Trust, 1971-1975 and Warden, Toynbee Hall, 1977-1987; Vice-Chairman, Toynbee Housing Association, 1977-1986.

He was involved in international development, serving as Labour Adviser to Tanganyika Government and Chairman, Territorial Minimum Wages Board, 1961-1962, Labour Adviser, Mauritius Government and Chairman, Sugar Wages Councils, 1962-1965, Chairman, Mauritius Salaries Commission, 1973-1977 and Government Salaries Commissioner, Mauritius, 1987-1988.

Chesworth’s archives include papers relating to the whole course of his career, and involvement in voluntary sector.

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