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Library Services


This statement sets out the functions carried out by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) Library and Archives Services that are within our public task under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015 (the ‘2015 Regulations’).  
We operate under the terms of the Queen Mary University of London Charter and Ordinances.  
Our public task comprises all the functions, duties and responsibilities set out in the statement of purpose published on our website, together with any statutory responsibilities laid down for University libraries generally that apply to this University. 
Our public task information is available for free re-use under the Open Government Licence
This statement is regularly reviewed and is due to be considered again in November 2018. If you have any queries on this public task statement, you can submit them using the contact us form
If you have a complaint about the QMUL  Library and Archives Services under the 2015 Regulations, you can submit it using our general complaints procedure
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