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School of Law

Queen Mary Senior Status Society

Geared towards the students on the Senior Status LLB programme, the Society’s aim is to support their members both socially and academically throughout their time at Queen Mary. They currently have approximately 95 members.

The Society aims to provide support to all Senior Status students through offering advice and guidance with coursework, as well as providing career events and external opportunities specific to Senior Status students.  Many of their members are international and have different career objectives from other law students at Queen Mary, so they organise some events tailored to those needs.

They also aim to promote cohesion amongst current Senior Status students from all years, as well as creating a strong network of Senior Status alumni.

How would a new student get involved?

The Senior Status Society is open to every Senior Status student, and all are encouraged to join. It’s an opportunity to socialise with others in the programme, regardless of your tutorial group or year. If you have questions about the programme or are struggling with course work, it’s an informal avenue to seek guidance and talk to people who are or were in similar situations. We welcome any ideas for events and socials and overall just want to bring everyone together. There are no formal committee positions but we encourage anyone who wants to get actively involved in helping to organise events to get in touch.

What opportunities do you offer your members?

We offer information sessions on how the two-year LLB qualifies abroad (specifically in Canada), networking events with Queen Mary Law alumni, and external volunteer opportunities. Above all, the Society will give its members the opportunity to meet and socialise with other Senior Status students. This year we hosted a networking event at the Canadian Embassy for Senior Status students and Canadian students on other programmes.

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