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School of Law

LAW6048 Competition Law

The purpose of this module is to teach you the basic provisions of both EU and UK competition law. The module will provide you with a flavour of the economic and market context in which EU and UK competition law is applied. The module will aim to consider important business phenomena in the market such as anticompetitive agreements, abuse of market dominance and mergers between firms. It is hoped that by the end of the module you will gain a good understanding of the competition rules of the EU and the UK in order to help you identify situations in which such phenomena may arise. The module is taught on the basis of a one two hour lecture each week and a one hour tutorial held biweekly. In addition, the module includes several case studies based on real cases. You will be asked to prepare the case studies beforehand and be ready to discuss them in the class. The case studies will give you a taste of what competition law in practice is really like. They will also provide an excellent guidance on how to approach competition law problems in the examination room and beyond.

Method of assessment

  • 100% exam

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