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School of Law

LAW5003 Equity and Trusts

This module thinks about Equity by exploring aspects of trusts and fiduciary relationships, including the creation of express, resulting and constructive trusts, breach of fiduciary duties, third party liability for breach of trust, and personal and proprietary remedies in equity. The module focuses on the law of England and Wales, and explores Commonwealth jurisdictions including Australia, New Zealand and Canada by way of comparison. Equity is judge-made law, which means that case law is particularly important in Equity. We therefore focus on the key skill of judicial reasoning, including in historical and jurisprudential perspectives. Finally, the module offers students a chance to begin to explore theories of Equity and trusts, and delves into academic debates between property lawyers and restitution lawyers. 

Method of assessment

  • 25% coursework (1,500 words)
  • 75% exam

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