School of Law

2018 Law Working Papers

Series no.AuthorTitle
295/2018  Eduard Fosch Villaronga and Christopher Millard  Cloud Robotics Law and Regulation 
294/2018  Valsamis Mitsilegas  The Normative Foundations of the Criminalisation of Human Smuggling. Exploring the Fault Lines between European and International Law 
290/1018  Eric Heinze  Theorizing Law and Historical Memory: Denialism and the Pre-Conditions of Human Rights 
293/2018  Loukas A. Mistelis and Crina Baltag  'Denial of Benefits' Clause of Investment Treaty Arbitration 
292/2018  Rudi Fortson  Making Dishonesty Fit the Crime 
291/2018  Johan David Michels and Ian Walden  How Safe is Safe Enough? Improving Cybersecurity in Europe's Critical Infrastructure under the NIS Directive 
289/2018  Noam Gur  Ronal Dwarkin and the Curious Case of the Floodgates Argument 
293/2018  Niovi Vavoula  Prevention, Surveillance, and the Transformation of Citizenship in the 'Security Union': The Case of Foreign Terrorist Fighters 
288/2018  Rafael Leal-Arcas  Unconventional Sources of Fossil Fuel in the European Union and China: Perspectives on Trade, Climate Change and Energy Security  
287/2018  Dimitra Kamarinou, Christopher Millard and Isabella Oldani  Compliance as a Service 
286/2018  Graham Dutfield and Uma Suthersanen  Traditional Knowledge and Genetic Resources: Observing Legal Protection through the Lens of Historical Geography and Human Rights
285/2018  Gabriel Gari  Recent Preferential Trade Agreements' Disciplines for Tackling Regulatory Divergences in Services: How far beyond GATS? 
284/2018  Rafael Leal-Arcas and Antonio Morelli  The Resilience of the Paris Agreement: Negotiating and Implementing the Climate Regime
283/2018  Lauren Downes and Chris Reed  Blockhain for Governance of Sustainability Transparency in the Global Energy Value Chain 
282/2018  Roger Cotterrell  Law, Emotion and Affective Community
281/2018  Roger Cotterrell  Theory and Values in Socio-Legal Studies 
280/2018  Min Yan  Corporate Social Responsibility vs Shareholder Value Maximization: Through the lens of Hard and Soft Law
279/2018  Rudi Fortson and Lizz McCulloch  Evidence and Issues Concerning Drug Consumption Rooms 
278/2018  Valsamis Mitsilegas  Extraterritorial Immigration Control, Preventive Justice and the Rule of Law in Turbulent Times: Lessons from the Anti-Smuggling Crusade 
277/2018  Prakash Shah  Secularism's Threat to Tradition: A Reading of Europe, India and the Limits of Secularism 
276/2018  Rafael Leal-Arcas  New Frontiers of International Economic Law: The Quest for Sustainable Development
275/2018  Uma Suthersanen  Who Owns the Orphans? Property in Digital Cultural Heritage Assets 
274/2018  Uma Suthersanen  Utility Models: Do they really serve National Innovation Strategies? 
273/2018  Idil Atak, Delphine Nakache, Elspeth Guild and François Crépeau  'Migrants in Vulnerable Situations' and the Global Compact for Safe Orderly and Regular Migration
272/2018  Elspeth Guild and Tugba Basaran  First Perspectives on the Zero Draft (5 February 2018) for the UN Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration  
270/2018  Eva Nanopoulos, Elspeth Guild and Katharine Weatherhead  Securitisation of Borders and the UN's Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration
269/2017  Jatinder Singh and Johan David Michels  Blockchain as a Service: Providers and Trust
268/2017  Jean Bacon, Johan David Michels, Christopher Millard and Jatinder Singh  Blockhain Demystified