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School of Law

2014 WPS

Series no.AuthorTitle
188/2014 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Costantino Grasso, Juan Alemany Rios Multilateral, Regional and Bilateral Energy Trade Governance
187/2014 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Juan Alemany Rios, Costantino Grasso The European Union and Its Energy Security Challenges
186/2014 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Luigi Carafa Road to Paris COP21: Towards Soft Global Governance for Climate Change?
185/2014 William G Wilson How Criminal Defences Work
184/2014 Prakash Shah The Difference that Religion Makes: Transplanting Legal Ideas from the West to Japan and India
183/2014 Roger Cotterrell The Life of Emile Durkheim
182/2014 Roger Cotterrell The Concept of Crime and Transnational Networks of Community
181/2014 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Jan Schmitz Unconventional Energy Sources and EU Energy Security: A Legal, Economic and Political Analysis
180/2014 Rafael Leal-Arcas Essential Elements of the Rule of Law Concept in the EU
179/2014 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Andrew Filis Linking Aspects of the Promotion of Renewable Energy within the EU and in Relation to the EU's Obligation in the WTO
178/2014 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Andrew Filis Linking the European Union to the Energy Charter Treaty and the Energy Community
177/2014 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Mariya Peykova Energy Transit Activities: Collection of Intergovernmental Agreements on Oil and Gas Transit Pipelines and Commentary
176/2014 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Ehab Abu Gosh Energy Trade as a Special Sector in the WTO: Unique Features, Unprecedented Challenges and Unresolved Issues
175/2014 Jonathan Griffiths Dematerialization, Pragmatism and the European Copyright Revolution
174/2014 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Catherine M Wilmarth Strengthening Sustainable Development Through Preferential Trade Agreements
173/2014 Rafael Leal-Arcas Trade Proposals for Climate Action
172/2014 W Kuan Hon, Eleni Kosta, Christopher Millard, Dimitra Stefanatou Cloud Accountability: The Likely Impact of the Proposed EU Data Protection Regulation
171/2014 Gabriel Gari Capital Controls, GATS Disciplines and the Need for a More Coherent Global Economic Governance Structure
170/2014 Roger Cotterrell Northern Lights: From Swedish Realism to Sociology of Law
169/2014 Roger Cotterrell Why Jurisprudence Is Not Legal Philosophy
168/2014 Uma Suthersanen Copyright and Industrial Objects: Aesthetic Considerations and Policy Discriminations
167/2014 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Andrew Filis The Fragmented Governance of the Global Energy Economy: A Legal-Institutional Analysis
166/2014 Rafael Leal-Arcas, Andrew Filis Certain Legal Aspects of the Multilateral Trade System and the Promotion of Renewable Energy
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