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School of Law

2013 WPS

Series no. Author Title
165/2013 Rafael Leal-Arcas China and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
164/2013 Maxi Scherer, Aren Goldsmith, Camille Fléchet Third Party Funding in International Arbitration in Europe: Part 1 – Funders’ Perspectives
163/2013 Maxi Scherer New York Convention: Violation of Due Process, Article V(1)(b)
162/2013 Maxi Scherer Article IV [Formal Requirements for Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards]
161/2013 Maxi Scherer Article III (Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards; General Rule)
160/2013 Maxi Scherer, Aren Goldsmith, Camille Fléchet Le financement par les tiers des procedures d’arbitrage international, une vue d’Europe Seconde partie: le debat juridique (Third Party Funding of International Arbitration Proceedings - A view from Europe Part II: The Legal Debate)
159/2013 Rafael Leal-Arcas Working Together: How to Make Trade Contribute to Climate Action
158/2013 Ruth Fletcher Legal Form, Commodities and Reproduction: Reading Pashukanis
157/2013 Chris Reed Governance in Cloud Computing
156/2013 Duncan Matthews The Right to Health and Patents
155/2013 Roger Cotterrell Ant's Eye-View of Law: Bruno Latour at the Conseil D'État
154/2013 Roger Cotterrell Classical Social Theory and Ideas of Responsibility and the State in France and Germany
153/2013 Maksymilian T. Del Mar Judging Virtuously: Developing an Empathic Capacity for Perceptual Sensitivity
152/2013 Janet Dine Regulating the Resource Curse: The Devil versus God in Human Rights Discourse and Operationalizing Remedies
151/2013 Rafael Leal-Acras The BRICS and Climate Change
150/2013 Rafael Leal-Arcas Climate Change Mitigation from the Bottom Up: Using Preferential Trade Agreements to Promote Climate Change Mitigation
149/2013 Shalini Perera Law in the Finance-Growth Nexus: The South Asian Paradox
148/2013 Andrew Filis, Rafael Leal-Arcas Conceptualizing EU Energy Security Through an EU Constitutional Law Perspective
147/2013 Barnali Choudhury Aligning Corporate and Community Interests: From Abominable to Symbiotic
146/2013 Jessie M. Hohmann The Right to Housing: Law, Concepts, Possibilities - Introduction
145/2013 Jessie M. Hohmann The True Radicalism of the Right to Housing
144/2013 Loukas M. Mistelis Delocalization and its Relevance in Post-Award Review
142/2013 Andrew Filis, Rafael Leal-Arcas Legal Aspects of Inter-State Maritime Delimitation in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin
141/2013 Ehab Abu Gosh, Rafael Leal-Arcas Gas and Oil Explorations in the Levant Basin: The Case of Lebanon and Israel
140/2013 Janet Dine, Marios Koutsias Chapter 1: The Nature of Corporate Governance: The Significance of National Cultural Identity
139/2013 Maksymillian T. Del Mar Exemplarity and Narrativity in the Common Law Tradition: Exploring Williams v Roffey
138/2013 Alan J. Dignam The Future of Shareholder Democracy in the Shadow of the Financial Crisis
137/2013 Roger Cotterrell Jack Balkin’s Constitutional Faith
136/2013 Rosa M. Lastra, Jean-Victor Louis European Economic and Monetary Union: History, Trends, and Prospects
135/2013 Kenneth Armstrong New Governance and the European Union: An Empirical and Conceptual Critique
134/2013 Prakash Shah Asking About Reasonable Accommodation in the Context of Religious Universalism
133/2013 Alan Cunningham, Chris Reed Caveat Consumer? – Consumer Protection and Cloud Computing Part 2 – The Application of ex ante and ex post Consumer Protection Law in the Cloud
132/2013 Stavros Brekoulakis International Arbitration Scholarship and the Concept of Arbitration Law
131/2013 Stavros Brekoulakis Collective Biases and International Arbitral Tribunals
130/2013 Alan Cunningham, Chris Reed Caveat Consumer? – Consumer Protection and Cloud Computing Part 1 – Issues of Definition in the Cloud
129/2013 Loukas A. Mistelis Award as an Investment: The Value of an Arbitral Award or the Cost of Non-Enforcement
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