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School of Law

2009 Law Working Papers

Series no. Author Title
37-2009 Van Bueren, Geraldine The Committee on the Rights of the Child in Langford
36-2009 Drahos, Peter
The China-US Relationship on Climate Change, Intellectual Property and CCS: Requiem for a Species?
35-2009 Choudhry, Shazia
Mandatory Prosecution and Arrest as a Form of Compliance with Due Diligence Duties in Domestic Violence - The Gender Implications
34-2009 Walden, Ian
Mine Host is Searching for a 'Neutrality' Principle
33-2009 Mitsilegas, Valsamis
The Third Wave of Third Pillar Law: Which Direction for EU Criminal Justice?
32-2009 Cotterrell, Roger
Spectres of Transnationalism: Changing Terrains of Sociology of Law
31-2009 Griffiths, Jonathan
The 'Three-Step Test' in European Copyright Law - Problems and Solutions
30-2009 Cheliotis, Leonidas K Conditional Release from Prison in Greece: Policy and Practice
29-2009 Blakeney, Michael
International Proposals for the Criminal Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: International Concern with Counterfeiting and Piracy
28-2009 Fitzmaurice, Malgosia The New Developments Regarding the Saami Peoples of the North
27-2009 Tridimas, P Takis
Abuse of Right in EU Law: Some Reflections with Particular Reference to Financial Law
26-2009 Panayi, Christiana HJI Corporate Mobility in Private International Law and European Community Law: Debunking Some Myths
25-2009 Shah, Prakash Activism in the European Court of Justice and Changing Options for Turkish Citizen Migrants in the United Kingdom
24-2009 Matthews, Duncan N Intellectual Property Rights, Human Rights and the Right to Health
23-2009 Leal-Arcas, Rafael
The European Union and New Leading Powers: Towards Partnership in Strategic Trade Policy Areas
22-2009 Brekoulakis, Stavros
Negative Effect of Comp├ętence-Comp├ętence: The Verdict Has to Be Negative
21-2009 Brekoulakis, Stavros Law Applicable to Arbitrability: Revisiting the Revisited Lex Fori
20-2009 Brekoulakis, Stavros On Arbitrability: Persisting Misconceptions and New Areas of Concern
19-2009 Heinze, Eric Imperialism and Nationalism in Early Modernity: The 'Cosmopolitan' and the 'Provincial' in Shakespeare's Cymbeline
18-2009 Shah, Prakash The Indian Dimension of An-Na'im's Islam and the Secular State
17-2009 Le Sueur, Andrew From Appellate Committee to Supreme Court: A Narrative
16-2009 Malleson, Kate Who Goes Upstairs? Appointments to the House of Lords
15-2009 Heinze, Eric
'Were it Not Against Our Laws': Oppression and Resistance in Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors
14-2009 Shah, Prakash
Transnational Hindu Law Adoptions: Recognition and Treatment in Britain
13-2009 Leal-Arcas, Rafael
50 Years of Trade Policy: Good Enough or as Good as it Gets?
12-2009 Tridimas, P Takis
Terrorism and the ECJ: Empowerment and Democracy in the EC Legal Order
11-2009 Tridimas, P Takis
Gutierrez-Fons, Jose A
EU Law, International Law and Economic Sanctions Against Terrorism: The Judiciary in Distress?
10-2009 Cotterrell, Roger The Struggle for Law: Some Dilemmas of Cultural Legality
09-2009 Reed, Chris
Why Must You Be Mean to Me? - Crime, Punishment and Online Personality
08-2009 Heinze, Eric
Power Politics and the Rule of Law: Shakespeare's First Historical Tetralogy and Law's 'Foundations'
07-2009 Heinze, Eric
Heir, Celebrity, Martyr, Monster: Legal and Political Legitimacy in Shakespeare and Beyond
06-2009 Leal-Arcas, Rafael
EU Relations with China and Russia: How to Approach New Superpowers in Trade Matters
05-2009 Alldridge, Peter W
Money Laundering and Globalisation
04-2009 Cotterrell, Roger Law and Culture - Inside and Beyond the Nation State
03-2009 Cotterrell, Roger
Ehrlich at the Edge of Empire: Centres and Peripheries in Legal Studies
02-2009 Mumford, Ann From Dahomey, to London, to DC: 'Marketing' Wealth with the Proposal for a Comprehensive Inheritance Tax
01-2009  Le Sueur, Andrew A Report on Six Seminars About the UK Supreme Court
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