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BLACA / Stationers' Company Copyright Law Award

blaca and stationers company logosBLACA / Stationers' Company £6000 Copyright Law Bursary in cooperation with  Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and King’s College, University of London

Closing Date: 30 June 2018

The BLACA / Stationers' Company Postgraduate Bursary Scheme 

The British Literary & Artistic Copyright Association, BLACA, is the UK national group of the International Literary and Artistic Association (ALAI) founded in Paris in 1878 under the Presidency of Victor Hugo. It provides a British forum for the examination of matters affecting authors’ rights and neighbouring rights.

The Stationers’ Company is a ‘City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries’. Through its Charitable Foundation it supports selected postgraduate courses that are related to a range of trades, from paper, print, publishing, packaging, office products, newspapers, broadcasting and online media.

The BLACA/Stationers’ Company postgraduate bursary scheme is designed in line with the institutional aims and objectives of the two awarding organisations. It aims to benefit currently underrepresented candidates in the relevant cohort who can show commitment to the development of professional and transferable skills in the UK content industries.

Eligibility and Nature of Award

The award consists of a bursary or bursaries not exceeding a total of £6,000, to be paid as a contribution towards tuition fees of the successful applicant(s) enrolled during the academic year 2018-2019 for the following programmes:

  • LLM in Intellectual Property Law, at Queen Mary, London; OR
  • MSc in Management of Intellectual Property at Queen Mary, London (Business Stream students); OR
  • LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Law at King’s College, London; OR
  • Postgraduate Diploma/MA in UK, EU and US Copyright Law at King’s College, London.

The following criteria will be taken into consideration: academic merit; financial need; and, the quality of the application. Short-listed candidates will be required to confirm with documentary evidence their financial needs, and to give documentary information as to other sources of financial support for the programme.

Payment will occur upon confirmation from the relevant University that the student is taking a minimum of 3 modules which reflect a copyright element. Applicants may consult the list of subjects deemed to reflect a copyright element in Schedule A below for guidance.

Application procedure

Applicants should submit their Curriculum Vitae and a short Statement of Motivation (maximum 1000 words). Applications should be sent by email directly to:

Mr Simon Clark
BLACA Secretary
BLACA / Stationers' Company Postgraduate Bursary Scheme

Schedule A: Choice of subjects 

Queen Mary

Students must take a minimum of 67.5 credits in copyright related modules as stated below:

LLM Taught Modules (all LLM modules are 22.5 credits except the written dissertation)

  • Digital Intellectual Property Law (Semester 1)
  • Comparative Copyright Law (Semester 2)
  • International Copyright (Semester 1)
  • Global Intellectual Property: Fundamental Principles (Semester 1)
  • Global Intellectual Property: Technology and Policy (Semester 2)
  • Interactive Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law (Semester 1)
  • EU Copyright Law (Semester 2)
  • Music Industry Contracts (Semester 2)
  • Art and Intellectual Property Law (Semester 2)
  • Dissertation (on an agreed copyright topic) (45 credits)

MSC Taught Modules (all MSc modules are 22.5 credits except the study project)

  • The law of copyright and design I
  • The law of copyright and design II
  • Media law
  • Intellectual property in the United States
  • Study project based on copyright law (45 credits)

King's College, University of London

Students will need to take a minimum of 60 credits on the LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Law in copyright related modules as stated below:

  • International and Comparative Copyright Law (40 credits)
  • Copyright and the Music Industry in the Digital Era (20 credits)
  • Commercialisation of IP (20 credits)
  • Competition, IP and the Media (20 credits)
  • Dissertation (on a copyright law focussed topic) (40 credits)

Students enrolled on the Postgraduate Diploma in UK, EU and US Copyright Law will satisfy the minimum number of credits required.