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School of Law

Laws LLM and PGDip modules

Module availability

This list is subject to change but will be confirmed prior to module selection.

Certain combinations of modules may be restricted or required – see the individual module description for more details.

Semester A22

Semester B22

Not running in 2022-23

  • SOLM012 Corporate Governance and Responsibility in Finance
  • SOLM013 Bank Insolvency and Resolution
  • SOLM015 Elements of Islamic Law
  • SOLM016 Islamic Finance and Commercial Law
  • SOLM031 Multinational Enterprises: Social Issues
  • SOLM033 US Federal Law Constitutional Law: Select Issues
  • SOLM034 US State Law and Practice
  • SOLM039 Negotiation Theory and Practice
  • SOLM042 International Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution
  • SOLM058 Economics of Competition Law
  • SOLM062 EU Human Rights Law
  • SOLM063 Human Rights of Women: Feminist Legal Theory
  • SOLM066 Social Rights
  • SOLM071 Terrorism & Human Rights: Constitutional Perspectives
  • SOLM072 International Law and Indigenous People
  • SOLM074 Secession and Self-Determination in International Law
  • SOLM099 Introduction to Medical Law
  • SOLM100 Regulating Health Professions
  • SOLM101 Introduction to Bioethics
  • SOLM102 New Medical Technologies: Medical Research and Product Regulation
  • SOLM103 Law's Relations: Autonomy, Consent and Confidentiality
  • SOLM105 EU Healthcare Law: Rights, Policies and Instruments
  • SOLM108 Advanced Medical Negligence
  • SOLM109 New Medical Technologies: Emerging Technologies
  • SOLM110 Mental Health Law: Compulsory Detention and Treatment
  • SOLM111 Regulating Health Systems
  • SOLM112 Use of Force in International Law
  • SOLM114 Principles of International Criminal Law
  • SOLM122 Taxation of Individuals
  • SOLM125 UK Business Taxation
  • SOLM128 Indirect Taxation
  • SOLM133 Concepts in Natural Resources Law: Biodiversity, Human Rights and Trade
  • SOLM135 EU Environmental law
  • SOLM137 Water Law
  • SOLM140 Insurance Contracts
  • SOLM145 Maritime Arbitration
  • SOLM146 International Regulation of Shipping
  • SOLM149 Law of the Sea: Navigational Freedoms and Practice
  • SOLM152 Private International & European Air Transport Law
  • SOLM153 Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Clubs
  • SOLM156 Energy Economics Legal Perspective
  • SOLM164 EU Energy Law
  • SOLM165 Current Issues in International Energy Regulation
  • SOLM166 Mining and Natural Resources Law
  • SOLM167 Renewable Energy Law
  • SOLM171 International Refugee Law
  • SOLM176 Free Movement of Persons in the European Union
  • SOLM177 Migration and Asylum Law through Practice
  • SOLM179 Common Law Reasoning 
  • SOLM180 Visual Jurisprudence
  • SOLM181 Critical Jurisprudence
  • SOLM182 Law in Asia
  • SOLM183 Historical Jurisprudence
  • SOLM184 Sociological Jurisprudence
  • SOLM185 Law and Religion
  • SOLM191 Legal Aspects of Financing Development
  • SOLM202 Policing in Local and Global Contexts
  • SOLM204 Criminal Justice and Surveillance Technologies
  • SOLM208 Cybercrime: Forensic Investigations
  • SOLM214 Telecommunications Policy, Law and Regulation
  • SOLM215 European and International Telecommunications Law and Regulation
  • SOLM220 E-Commerce Regulation
  • SOLM231 Business and Commercial Law Issues for Managers
  • SOLM232 Law and Management in Practice
  • SOLM233 US Federal Law: Select Advocacy Issues
  • SOLM234 Accounting for Lawyers
  • SOLM239 Interactive Entertainment Transactions
  • SOLM241 Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes
  • SOLM244 Globalisation and the Law
  • SOLM247 Comparative Corporate Law
  • SOLM250 Advocacy and Mooting (Aviation or Shipping)
  • SOLM251 Exploitation of Energy Resources in Disputed Areas
  • SOLM253 Seafarers Law
  • SOLM254 International Natural Resources Law
  • SOLM257 Law and Civil Disobedience
  • SOLM264 International Migration Law
  • SOLM272 Cultural Diversity and Law
  • SOLM274 Public Affairs Advocacy
  • SOLM275 Taxation and Trade
  • SOLM280 IP Protection in the Software Sector
  • SOLM282 Human Rights and Public Health
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