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School of Law

SOLM310 Electricity Law and Regulation

Module description

This module provides a highlevel overview of the regulations and legislation pertaining to the electricity sector. It will provide an overview of the electricity value chain, including transmission, distribution, generation, supply as well as wholesale trading and discuss models of electricity market design and regulations, with emphasis on electricity pool models and bilateral trading arrangements in both pre-liberalised and liberalised energy economies.

The module will analyse the impact of new technology such as battery storage (BESS) on both electricity market organisation and regulation and consider the role and impact of renewable energy (including support regimes for the same) in electricity markets and wider society. 

Regulatory concequences of the changes in the energy mix due to the increase of renewable forms of electricity generation, such as capacity markets and the current market reforms considered in GB and the EU will also be analysed. The model will also give students the opportunity to engage with different forms of power purchase agreements and their regulatory context (eg, REMIT and MiFID II).

Applicable programmes


15 credits

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