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School of Law

SOLM257 Law and Civil Disobedience

This module is not running for 2024-25 entry. Check our LLM and Diploma module list to see other related modules you could take.

Module Description

This module engages with key contentious questions in jurisprudence, with a focus on the normative force of law. It adopts a methodologically dynamic approach—employing ethical and conceptual reasoning, while making relevant use of other resources, e.g., experimental and survey studies on attitudes to law and authority, and historical experience involving iniquitous legal systems.

The module begins with a brief overview of central controversies surrounding the relation between law and morality. It then proceeds to a more focused discussion of several puzzles about the normative force of law. It considers questions such as: Is there a moral obligation to comply with law? What kind of reasons (if any) we have to comply with law? Is there a right to engage in civil disobedience and, if so, when? Is the idea of authority reconcilable with our moral autonomy?

The module will thus offer students an opportunity to gain in-depth theoretical insight into law and our civic responsibilities in relation to it.

Applicable Groupings


15 Credits

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