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SOLM162 International Energy Transactions

This module is not running for 2024-25 entry. Check our LLM and Diploma module list to see other related modules you could take.

Module Description

International energy transactions are complex, large, incredibly high risk and very expensive. They involve many parties from hosts states, international oil companies, national oil companies, NGOs, IGOs as well as service providers. The course focuses on the applicable laws and contract provisions for each type of transaction including upstream contacts including JOA's. The module also looks at the project finance structure used in large energy transactions, for example, a power plant or LNG liquefaction plant as well as reserve base lending in upstream explorations. The unconventional market and LNG value chain and their impact on the global market are considered in the  context of the energy transition and the future role of gas as a lower CO2 option. Nuclear power remains part of the energy matrix of many states being a low carbon process, highly efficient and thus ensuring energy security.

Applicable Groupings

Mode of Assessment

2.15 hour examination


15 Credits

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