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School of Law

SOLM095 Intellectual Property in China

Module Description

Reflecting the growing importance of the development of IP in China and the role in the global economy, this module is designed to provide an insightful study of the Chinese IP law and its relevance to the international community. It looks into China's current copyright, trademark and patent, the law, policy and enforcement in the context of trade, and identifies the diverse approaches to effective IP management in China. 

No prior knowledge of Chinese law or Chinese language is required. It intends to develop students’ skills of regulation and case analysis, critical thinking, reasoning, independent research, and oral & written communication. It helps students:

  • understand the key principles behind Chinese IP law; 
  • know the major development of the Chinese IP system, including the representative cases;  
  • comprehend China's strategic plan and policy on patent and the significance in trade;  
  • discuss the effectiveness of management for IP in China;  
  • differentiate between the approaches of China and other legal systems towards the protection for IP; 
  • comment critically on the current state of the law; and 
  • form their own viewpoint and communicate effectively to a designated audience. 

Applicable Groupings


30 Credits

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