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School of Law

SOLM025 Animal Law, Welfare and Trade

Module Description

Animal law and welfare is of considerable and growing importance in the areas of international trade and development, access and equality, welfare and criminal liability, public liability, science and health. Animal Law, Welfare and Trade provides students with skills in applying perspectives from behaviour studies, welfare, economics, and law in order to consider a range of issues for animals in areas of trade, agriculture, science and conservation. Topics include domestic animal welfare, including companion animal law and welfare, breeding industries and the commercial pet industry; animals in service; farmed animal welfare and trade; wildlife trade and crime; use in science and research, patents and animals, testing and experimentation, data exclusivity and the welfare implications for animals in science, and innovation in non-animal models including the application of artificial intelligence, patent protection and the potential barriers and incentives to innovation, use and commercialisation of welfare-related innovations. The module develops an evidence-based approach to legislative practice, policy and development, with particular attention to contemporary developments in sentience and personhood. 

Applicable Groupings


15 Credits

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