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School of Law

Dr Ignasi Bernat Molina, PhD University of Girona (Catalonia)

Ignasi Bernat

Visiting Senior Lecturer



Ignasi Bernat Molina is a sociologist and criminologist working around topics of state and corporate power. Particularly, he has researched how State capacities are developed in order to maintain steady rythems of capital accumulation in the aftermaths of different crises. At the same time, he has conducted research on processes of criminalization of dissent in political conflicts.


Dr Molina's research focuses on Politics of Ecocide; State-Corporate Crime; The Process of Criminalization.

Funded research

  • Currently funded by the QMUL Impact Fund to conduct collaborative work with Prof David Whyte on: 'The Politics of Ecocide'.


  • Bernat, I. and Whyte, D. (2020) Postfascism in Spain: the struggle for Catalonia. Critical Sociology. Volume: 46 issue: 4-5, pages: 761-776.
  • Bernat, I. and Whyte, D. (2020) Spain must be defended. Explaining the criminalization of political dissent. State Crime Journal 9 (1): 100-117.
  • Bernat, I. (2018) The Permanent State of Exception in South Europe. The Oñati Socio-legal Series. Volume 8 Number 6, 925-949. 10.35295/osls.iisl/0000-0000-0000-0971
  • Bernat, I. and Whyte, D. (2017) State-Corporate Crime and the Process of Capital Accumulation: mapping a global regime of permission from Galicia to Morecambe Bay. Critical Criminology: An International Journal Volume 25, Number 1, pp. 71-86.


  • Bernat, I. and Whyte, D. (2018) (eds.) Building a New Catalonia: Self-Determination and Emancipation. Barcelona and Edinburgh: Pol-len and Bella Caledonia, pp345.

Parts of Books:

  • Bernat, I. and Whyte, D. (2021) Criminalization as a Strategy of Power: The Case of Catalonia 2017-2020. in: Veigh Weis, V. (eds.) The Criminalisation of Activism. Abington: Routledge. 10.4324/9781003144229-16
  • Bernat, I. (2018) The Crimes of the Powerful and the Spanish Crisis, in Bittle, S., Snider, L., Tombs, S. and Whyte, D. (eds.) Revisiting Crimes of the Powerful: Marxism, Crime and Deviance, Abington: Routledge.
  • Bernat, I. and Whyte, D. (2019) State-corporate Crimes. The Handbook on White-collar Crime ed. Melissa Rorie. New Jersey: Wiley. pp. 127-138. Doi: 10.1002/9781118775004.ch9

Public Engagement

Ignasi Bernat Molina has published in different international journals and magazines such as Jacobin; Red Pepper; The Guardian; The National; Bella Caledonia; Catarsi. He has also elaborated reports for the Candidacy of Popular Unity (CUP) in Catalonia.

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