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Dr Andrew Pitt, PhD (QMUL), MSc (LSE) , LLB and BA (University of Melbourne)





Dr Andrew Pitt is a Lecturer in Law at Queen Mary University of London and Programme Director for the Public International Law LLM. His research has focused on immigration detention in the UK context and examined the role of human rights and the rule of law in legal challenges to policy. He currently lectures on Terrorism, Human Rights and Migration and is a tutor in Criminal Law and Law in Context, and has previously taught Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Law (at Oxford Brookes University).

Andrew completed his PhD at Queen Mary University of London (2022), an MSc in Human Rights at the LSE (2015) and his LLB and BA (French major) at the University of Melbourne (2010).

Andrew is admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales and previously worked as a judicial associate at the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. Before commencing his PhD he was also a legal volunteer for Asylum Aid.

Undergraduate Teaching

Postgraduate Teaching


Andrew’s Research interests include Migration and Refugee Law, Human Rights Law, Public Law, Rule of Law, Critical Theory, and Queer Theory.

He has presented conference papers at:

  • MAPS Conference (QMUL 2020) ‘Bordering Asylum in Times of Covid-19 and Brexit: Lessons from the UK’s Detained Fast Track’
  • SLS Conference (2019) ‘Less Law and Lawless – Detained Fast Track and Legality’


  • Pitt, Andrew. "Bordering Asylum in Post-Brexit Britain: Lessons from the UK’s Detained Fast Track and the Marginalisation of International Human Rights Safeguards." International Community Law Review 24, no. 4 (2022): 314-334


Andrew welcomes proposals for supervision in the areas of human rights, migration and refugee law.

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