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School of Law

Professor Nicola Piper, PhD in Sociological Studies (University of Sheffield), MA in Japanese Studies (University of Sheffield)


British Academy Global Professor Fellow

Telephone: 020 7882 6853
Room Number: Graduate Centre, Mile End


Nicola Piper is Professor of International Migration and Founding Director of the Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Centre at the University of Sydney. She is currently on secondment and British Academy Global Professor Fellow hosted by Queen Mary University of London’s School of Law (2019-2022).

Click here to download Prof. Nicola Piper's full CV. [PDF 315KB]


Nicola’s research interests revolve around the emerging global governance of labour migration and global advocacy politics. The project related to the British Academy fellowship interrogates the role of the International Labour Organisation and its tripartite constituents in advancing a rights-based approach to migration. This project is a sequence to her research on a rights-based and gender-sensitive approach to global and regional migration governance, with particular relevance to Asia and Africa.

Examples of research funding:

Apart from the British Academy fellowship, Nicola is Co-I on the UK RI funded GCRF Hub on ‘South-South Migration and Inequality’ (led by Prof Heaven Crawley, Coventry University) and co-lead of the Work Package on Gender. She is also PI on a Canadian SSHERC grant on ‘Examining the ‘Gender Code’ in Labour Migration Governance’ led by A/Prof Jenna Hennebry, Wilfrid Laurier University.


Journal articles

  • Piper, N. and Rother, S. (2019) ‘Political Remittances and the Diffusion of a Migrant Rights Agenda in transnational activist networks: the case of the Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA)’, in: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS) (preview online)
  • Bastia, T. and Piper, N. (2019) ‘Women migrants in the global economy: a global overview (and regional perspectives)’, in: Gender & Development 27(1):15-13
  • Piper, N. and Withers, M. (2018) ‘Forced Transnationalism and Labour Migration: a New Paradigm for Understanding Migrant Rights’, in: Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power (preview online)
  • Withers, M. and Piper, N. (2018) ‘Uneven Development and Displaced Care in Sri Lanka’, in: Current Sociology (preview online)
  • Hennebry, J., Hari KC and Piper, N.  (2018) ‘Not without them: realising the sustainable development goals for women migrant workers’, in: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS) (preview online)
  • Lee, S.  and Piper, N.  (2017) ‘Migrant Domestic Workers as “Agents of Development” in Asia: Collective Organising at the Intersection of Temporality and Transnationality’, in: European Journal of East Asian Studies 16(2): 220-247
  • Zajak, S., Egels Zanden, N. and Piper, N. (2017) ‘Introduction: Networks of Labour: Collective Action across Asia and Beyond’ (review editorial), in: Development and Change 48(5): 899-921
  • Piper, N., Rosewarne, S. and Withers, M. (2017) Migrant Precarity: ‘Networks of Labour’ for a rights-based governance of migration’, in: Development and Change 48(5): 1089-1110
  • Piper, N. and Lee, S. (2016) ‘Marriage Migration at the Intersection of Crisis and Development: Migrant Precarity and Social Reproduction’, in: Critical Asian Studies 48(4): 473-493

Guest-edited special journal issues

  • Piper, N. and Ramia, G. (2018) ‘Transnational Governance of Migration: Perspectives from the Asia Pacific”, in: Asia Pacific Viewpoint 59(1)
  • Piper, N, Rother, S, and Rueland, J. (2017 + 2018) ‘Challenging State Sovereignty in the Age of Migration: a multi-level approach to migration governance in Southeast and East Asia’, in: European Journal for East Asian Studies (16(2) November 2017 and 16(3) March 2018)
  • Zajak, S., Egels Zanden, N. and Piper, N.  (2017) ‘Networks of Labour: Collective Action across Asia and Beyond’, in: Development and Change 48(5)
  • Piper, N. (2016 + 2017) ‘Rethinking Marriage Migration in Southeast and East Asia: Development, Gender and Transnationalism,’ in: Critical Asian Studies 48(4) and 49(1)
  • Piper, N. and Segrave, M. (2015) ‘Contemporary Forms of Forced Labour’: processes, institutions, and actors’, in: Anti-Trafficking Review no. 5
  • Piper, N. and Rother, S. (eds) (2015) ‘Migration and Democracy’, in: International Migration, vol. 53(3)

Edited Book

  • Hujo, K. and Piper, N. (eds) (2010) South-South Migration: Implications for Social Policy and Development, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan (Social Policy in a Development Context series)


Nicola Piper invites PG students with an interest in global migration governance, advocacy politics and gender.

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