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School of Law

Katrien Morbee, LLB, LLM (Ghent University), LLM (Yale University), DPhil (University of Oxford)


Lecturer in Banking and Finance Law

Room Number: Lincoln's Inn Fields


Katrien Morbee is a Lecturer in Banking and Finance Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London. She teaches Corporate Finance Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Art and Money, and Sustainability and the Corporation. She wrote a DPhil in Law and Finance at the University of Oxford, under supervision of Prof. John Armour and Prof. Dan Awrey. She is a member of the European Corporate Governance Institute. Katrien holds an LLB and LLM from Ghent University, Belgium, and an LLM from Yale University, United States. During her studies, she interned at four international law firms: Cleary Gottlieb, Eubelius, Clifford Chance and Freshfields; and at the Belgian financial institution, KBC. She also worked in a US law firm in Washington, DC, as part of The Washington Center programme in Business and Global Trade.


Katrien’s research interests include corporate governance, sustainability, green finance, climate litigation, systemic risk, and business law more generally.

Examples of research funding:

ESRC-funded project on the governance of systemically important non-bank financial institutions.


Papers in Internationally Reviewed Academic Journals

  • Katrien Morbee, ‘The Corporate Governance of Central Counterparties and Shareholder Primacy: A Re-Evaluation in the Presence of Systemic Risk’ (2022) 15 The International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal 35.
  • K. Morbee, ‘The Role of Corporate Governance in a Macroprudential Framework’, The Chicago Law Review Online, January 2020.
  • K. Morbee, ‘Cumulatie van Administratieve en Strafrechtelijke Sancties in de Bestrijding van Marktmanipulatie: Nieuwe Rechtspraak van het EHRM’, Tijdschrift voor Rechtspersoon en Vennootschap (TRV), 2015, 342-357 (Case note ECHR ‘Affaire Grande Stevens et autres c. Italie’ 4 mars 2014) (in Dutch).

Book chapters

  • D. D’Alvia, K. Morbee, and R. Olivares-Caminal, ‘PSD2 and Brexit’, in G. Gimigliano and M. Bozina Beros (eds.), The Payment Services Directive II: A Commentary, Edward Elgar Commentaries Series, forthcoming.
  • T. Vos, K. Morbee, S. Cools and M. Wyckaert, ‘A Cross-Sectoral Analysis of Corporate Governance Provisions applicable to Financial Institutions: about Forests and Trees’, in V. Colaert, Danny Busch and Thomas Incalza (eds.), European Financial Regulation: Levelling the Cross-Sectoral Playing Field, Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2019, 163-199.
  • K. Morbee, ‘Structure of Banking Activities: Belgian Provisions on Proprietary Trading from an International Perspective’, in V. Colaert (ed.), De nieuwe Bankwet, Roularta Media Group, Roeselare, 2015, 201-211.

Conference paper publications

  • K. Morbee, ‘The Need for Governance Regulation in the Current Prudential Framework’ (Oxford Business Law Workshop, University of Oxford, online, 2020)
  • K. Morbee, ‘The Need for Governance Regulation in the Current Prudential Framework: A Case Study of Central Counterparties (‘CCPs’)’ (Daughters of Themis Conference – Regulating Business in Times of Turbulence: Thinking out of the Box for a Sustainable Future, online, 2020)
  • K. Morbee, ‘Corporate Governance Regulation and SIFIs: a Tool to Increase Compliance with Prescriptive Prudential Regulation’ (Investigating Intersections of Corporate Governance & Compliance, University of Notre Dame, London, 2019)
  • K. Morbee, ‘The Governance of Asset Managers and their Funds’ (CCLS Seminars: New Voices in Commercial Law, London, 2019)
  • K. Morbee, ‘Shareholder Value and Central Counterparties’ (Columbia Law Visiting Scholars Forum, New York, 2017)
  • K. Morbee, ‘Systemic Risk and Governance in CCPs’ (Catolica 2016 Graduate Legal Research Conference, Lisbon, 2016)
  • K. Morbee, ‘Free Choice of Corporate Law Evaluated Against the Effect of the Incorporation Decision on Creditor Protection’ (CLEF, Ghent, 2015)
  • K. Morbee, ‘Free Choice of Corporate Law Evaluated Against the Effect of the Incorporation Decision on Creditor Protection’ (Second Annual TAU Workshop for Young Scholars, Tel Aviv, 2014)
  • K. Morbee, ‘OTC Derivatives Regulation and Corporate Governance: An Alternative Approach to Financial Regulation’ (LSE Social Justice 2014 Conference, London, 2014)
  • K. Morbee, ‘Counterparty Risk Management in the OTC Derivatives Market: From Private to Public Decision Making’ (Doctoral Scholarship Conference Yale, New Haven, 2013)

Public Engagement

Katrien acted as a coach for IusStart. IusStart is a University of Leuven-based initiative, where law students – mentored by IusStart coaches – provide legal advice to startups.

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