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School of Law

Dr Gail Elizabeth Evans, BA (Hons), Dip.Ed., LLB, SJD (University of Sydney)

Gail Elizabeth

Reader in International Trade and Intellectual Property Law

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 8065


Dr Evans is Reader in International Trade and Intellectual Property Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary, University of London and Visiting Professor University of Washington School of Law (2008). She has previously held academic positions in Australia and the United States. In the summer of 2006, she was a faculty member at the Duke-Geneva Institute in Transnational Law (2006) where she is taught International Intellectual Property Law. In March 2008 Dr Evans was nominated by Queen Mary students for the 2008 Drapers’ Awards for Excellence in Teaching. In addition, she is engaged in consultancy and capacity building work, most recently as a member of United Nations Economic commission for Europe (UNECE) Team of Specialists on Intellectual Property. 

Her major research interest concerns the impact of economic globalisation on the law of International trade and intellectual property. Her most recent include "The Protection of Geographical Indications after Doha: Quo Vadis?"  Journal of International Economic Law, (2006) "Substantive Trademark Law Harmonization by Means of the WTO Appellate Body and the European Court of Justice: The Case of Trade Name Protection", Journal of World Trade, (2007) and; "Strategic Patent Licensing for Public Research Organizations: Deploying Restriction and Reservation Clauses to Promote Medical R&D in Developing Countries", American Journal of Law & Medicine (2008).



Selected Publications

Further publications are listed and selected articles available for download at:


Book Chapters

  • "Online Contracts" (Revised) in H. Bidgoli ed., The Handbook of Technology Management, 3 Volumes, Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2009
  • "Trade Marks; Service marks; Well known marks; Character merchandising; Passing off; Trade Mark Agents", eds. P. Crane and J. Conaghan, New Oxford Companion to Law, Oxford University Press, 2008
  • "The Multilateral Register for Geographical Indications And The Doha Mandate": Andean Yearbook of Intellectual Property Rights, 2008
  • "Substantive Trademark Law Harmonization: On the Emerging Coherence between the Jurisprudence of the WTO Appellate Body and the European Court of Justice", in G. Dinwoodie & M. Janis eds., Trademark Law and Theory: A Handbook of Contemporary Research, Edward Elgar, 200, 8
  • "The International Protection of Geographical Indications Yesterday Today And Tomorrow" (with M. Blakeney) Ch. 13 at 359 - 441, in G. Westkamp ed. Emerging Issues In Intellectual Property, Queen Mary Studies in Intellectual Property, Edward Elgar, 2007.
  • "Online Contracts" in H. Bidgoli ed., The Handbook of Information Security, Volume II, Wiley, New Jersey, Part 2, at 392 - 407 (2006)
  • "TRIPS and Trade Mark Use" in J. Phillips and I. Simon eds., Trade Mark Use, Oxford University Press, Ch. 16 at 279 - 311 (2005)


  • Lawmaking under the Trade Constitution: A Study in Legislating by the World Trade Organization (Kluwer Law International, 2000) (Second edition 2009)

Book Reviews

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