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School of Law

Dr Angelos Dimopoulos, LLB (Thessaloniki), MLE (Hanover), LLM (Cantab), PhD (EUI)


Senior Lecturer in Law

Room Number: Mile End


Dr Angelos Dimopoulos is a Senior Lecturer in in Law. Prior to joining the Department of Law, he was Assistant Professor at Tilburg University and the Research Coordinator of the Tilburg Law and Economics Centre (TILEC). Dr Dimopoulos obtained his PhD in Law at the European University Institute in 2010. He holds degrees from the Universities of Cambridge (LLM), Hannover (MLE) and Thessaloniki (LLB) and he has qualified and practiced as an attorney-at-law in Greece.

Dr Dimopoulos is an expert in EU external relations law, international investment law and EU constitutional law and he has published extensively on these topics. His monograph on EU Foreign Investment Law was published by OUP in 2011.

Undergraduate Teaching

  • LAW5105 Law of the European Union


Dr Dimopoulos is currently pursuing three main strands of research:

  • The development of EU investment policy and its impact on international investment law
  • The constitutional and institutional design of economic governance in the EU and the Euro-area
  • Differentiated integration and multi-level governance in the EU



  • EU Foreign Investment Law, Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press, 2011
    • reviewed by M. O'Brien, in 50(2) (2013) Common Market Law Review 655-656
    • S. Schill in 38(1) (2013) European Law Review 131-134 and
    • R. Mota in 31(1) (2012) Yearbook of European Law 527-531

Special Journal Issues

  • 'The present and future of EU International Investment Agreements' 39 (2012) Legal Issues of Economic Integration 153 (with M. Sattorova)

Articles in journals

  • 'Of TRIPs and traps: the interpretative jurisdiction of the CJEU over patent law' (with P. Vantsiouri), in 18 (2014) European Law Review 210
  • 'Guaranteeing the compatibility of future EU investment agreements with EU law' in 39 (2012) Legal Issues of Economic Integration 447
  • 'The Validity and Applicability of International Investment Agreements between EU Member States under EU and International law' in 48 (2011) Common Market Law Review 63
  • 'The Effects of the Lisbon Treaty on the Principles and Objectives of the Common Commercial Policy' in 15 (2010) European Foreign Affairs Review 153
  • 'Shifting the emphasis from investment protection to liberalization and development: The EU as a new global actor in the field of foreign investment policy' in 11 (2010) Journal of World Investment and Trade 5
  • 'The Common Commercial Policy after Lisbon: Establishing parallelism between internal and external economic policy' in 4 (2008) Croatian Yearbook of European Law and Policy 102

Contributions to edited volumes

  • 'Environmental legal principles in European investment policy' in Y. Levashova, T. Lambooy and I. Dekker (eds) Bridging the Gap between International Investment Law and the Environment, Eleven Legal Publishing (forthcoming)
  • 'Standards of responsible investment and international investment law' in P. Delimatsis (ed.) International Standardization, Marrying Public and Private, Global and Local, Law and Economics (forthcoming)
  • 'An institutional perspective II: The role of the CJEU in the unitary (EU) patent system' in J. Pila and C. Wadlow (eds) EU Unitary Patent System, Hart/ Bloomsbury (forthcoming)
  • 'The use of international law as a tool for strengthening economic governance in the EU and its implications on EU institutional integrity' in M. Adams, P. Larouche and F. Fabrinni (ed) The Constitutionalisation of EU Budgetary Constraints, Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2014, pp 41-63
  • 'Foreign investment insurance and EU law' in M. Bungenberg, A. Reinisch and C. Tietje (eds), EU and Investment Agreeements - Open Questions and Remaining Challenges, Hart Publishing-Nomos, 2013, pp 171-192
  • 'The BITs cases: Practical and Doctrinal Implications' in Diez –Hochleitner et al. (ed.) Recent Trends in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Madrid: LaLey Wolters Kluwer, 2012, pp 737-758
  • 'The Development of EU Trade and Investment Policies: Drawing Lessons from Past Experiences' in K. Sauvant and F. Ortino (eds) Yearbook of International Investment Law and Policy, Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press, 2012, pp 243-265
  • 'Creating an EU Foreign Investment Policy: Challenges for the Future' in P. Cardwell (ed.) EU External Relations Law and Policy in the Post-Lisbon Era, The Hague: Springer, 2011, pp 401-422
  • 'The EC's Free Trade Agreements: An alternative model for addressing human rights in foreign investment regulation and dispute settlement?' in P.M. Dupuy, F. Francioni and E.U. Petersmann (eds) Human Rights in International Investment Law and Arbitration, Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press, 2009, pp 565-594


Dr Dimopoulos welcomes proposals for postgraduate supervision in the fields of EU economic law, EU external relations, and international investment law.

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