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School of Law PhD Conference call for papers - Law, Society, and Inequality: An Approach Across Disciplines

This in-person conference will take place on 22-23 June 2023 and will bring together PhD researchers to discuss Law, Society, and Inequality across disciplines.

Lady Justice from behind holding a set of scales

Inequality has been and is a concern for researchers not only in law but also across multiple disciplines. Research in law has been increasingly concerned with gendered, racial, and economic inequalities. Whether it is the law and literature movement, the legal anthropology movement, decolonial legal research, or works in law and economy, the political implications of law and the need to reach out to other disciplines has been on the minds of legal researchers across the globe.

This is a two-day conference, which will promote not only the presentation and discussion of papers, but also host a poster and arts fair in which PhD researchers are welcome to represent their research in various artistic formats: whether it is a photography, a sketch, a short film or an audio interview, each participant will have a stand and an opportunity to discuss their research and the artistic representation they have created for it.

Location: Graduate Centre, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End.

Keynote Speaker

The keynote speaker is Professor Sally Sheldon, who is Professor of Law at the University of Bristol and the University of Technology Sydney, and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. Her most recent book, The Abortion Act 1967: a Biography of a UK Law has just been published in the Law in Context series at Cambridge University Press, which she also coedits. She is an editor of the journal, Social & Legal Studies.

Submission Process

If you are interested in presenting a paper at this event, please submit an abstract (up to 500 words) to by 15 February 2023. All submissions tackling inequality, which bring together law and other disciplines are welcome. This is a non-exhaustive list of possible areas of scholarship:

  • Law and art
  • Law and political economy
  • Law and history
  • Law and literature
  • Law and philosophy
  • Law and sociology
  • Biological sciences and the law
  • Law and technology
  • Mechanical sciences and the law
  • Law and architecture

If you are interested in having a stand in the posters and arts fair, please submit your representation of your research in an art form to by 15 February 2023. This is a non-exhaustive list of possible formats:

  • Poster
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Short-film
  • Audio file
  • Poem

Please note that these are two independent submissions: you may submit an abstract for presentation, or a poster/art representation of your research, or both, but the acceptance of one does not guarantee the acceptance of both submissions.

Eligibility and Financial Support

Submissions are welcome from PhD students currently enrolled in any higher education institution worldwide. Students can be in any year of study. When submitting your abstract, please indicate where you are currently studying and what year you are in, as well as who your supervisors are.

Some financial support may be available to help cover accommodation and / or travel costs to the conference, especially to students coming from the Global South. If interested in such support, please briefly indicate your reasons for seeking support, and whether you expect to receive any financial assistance from your home institution.



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