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Queen Mary Law Journal Call for Submissions

The Queen Mary Law Journal (QMLJ) invites submissions for its 2024 issue, focusing on the multifaceted and dynamic relationship between Law and Culture.

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The Editorial Board seek original literary and creative submissions that explore the ways in which legal systems, both, shape and are shaped by cultural norms, values, and practices in society.

They welcome submissions from contributors from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. They encourage interdisciplinary approaches that bridge the gap between law and other fields, such as anthropology, sociology, history, and cultural studies.

Some suggestive sub-themes for the issue are as followed:

  • Law and Culture in the age of Globalisation (e.g., any legislations or landmark cases from any angles including, but not limited to application of personal laws)
  • Law and Culture in relation to Local, Minority and Indigenous Communities (e.g., legal protection of various rights of indigenous communities including, but not limited to participation in forest/woods conservation.)
  • Law and Culture in the Realm of Human Rights and Social Justice (e.g., Human Rights and multiculturalism in context of various social issues.)
  • Law and Culture in the Field of Art, Media and Design (e.g., legal protection of traditional knowledge, art, folklore, etc)
  • Law and Culture in the Age of Technology (e.g., use of AI in context of local art and artisans)
  • Law, Culture and Gender (e.g., conflict between Feminism and religion and cultural rights)

How to submit

The Editorial Board will accept submissions for the next issue until 15 March 2024.

To make a submission, please email our editors on

Submissions are subject to double-blind peer review by the Editorial Board of Queen Mary Law Journal.

For full submission instructions, please see the Queen Mary Law Journal Guidance for Submission [PDF 306KB].

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