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New book: Research Handbook on Energy, Law and Ethics

The book is edited by Professor Malik R. Dahlan, Professor Rosa María Lastra and Gustavo Rochette and published by Edward Elgar.

Cover of the Research Handbook on Energy, Law and Ethics

About the book

This Research Handbook offers crucial ethical perspectives on navigating the increasingly complex and contested landscape of contemporary energy law. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, it brings together diverse scholarship and expertise from academia, international organizations, legal practice and the judiciary to address wide-ranging issues linking energy and law to ethical drivers such as wealth, peace and war, development, climate change, and use and abuse of natural resources.

The Research Handbook investigates first the governing dynamics of energy, law and ethics, providing a conceptual overview of key topics. It then examines the ethics of financing energy projects, renewable energy transition and climate change mitigation. The final part is a case study of energy, law and ethics in practice. Throughout, the Research Handbook draws on the vital underlying theme of intergenerational equity, offering a toolbox of arguments for framing the law and policies that will shape the future of the planet.

The Research Handbook on Energy, Law and Ethics will be an essential resource for scholars and practitioners working in all areas of energy law, particularly its intersections with climate change, renewable energy transition and environmental justice. Negotiators and policymakers will also find its delineation of current debates and reference to practical experience invaluable.

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About the editors

  • Malik R. Dahlan is Emeritus Professor of Queen Mary University of London and held the Chair of International Law and Public Policy.
  • Professor Rosa Lastra is Professor Sir John Lubbock Chair in Banking Law and Chair of the Institute of Banking and Finance Law at Queen Mary.
  • Gustavo Rochette is Legal and Compliance Officer, Movhera, Portugal, and Teaching Associate at Queen Mary.

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