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Expansion and Refurbishment of the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre – Now Complete

The Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre has undertaken renovation works to increase the facilities for staff and students and to enable a more flexible service for its clients.


Building works at the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre

In spring 2021, the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre launched a series of renovation works to expand, improve and tailor the space to students, staff and client needs. After months of planning and execution, the works are now complete.

The improvements include the extension of the student space, which allows for the installation of 6 extra student computers. This enables more students to work in the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre on their 1-2-1 advice letters and public legal education materials. To facilitate New Computer Room in the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centrethe accommodation of more clients, in a professional, yet welcoming environment, two consultation rooms were added. One of the already existing client rooms has been reconfigured to be an open space with a collapsible wall to increase the flexibility of its use –two consultation rooms or one office space for staff and volunteers to work in a more collegial environment. These rooms are all hybrid, meaning that the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre can have both a mix of face-to-face and virtual appointments.

Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre Awards displayed in the foyerIn the corridor leading to the Centre, an exhibit called the “Humans of the LAC” which was originally compiled in celebration of the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centres 10th birthday has now been displayed. You can also find some of Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre’s prestigious awards proudly displayed at the entrance, reminding all about the important work carried out by the team and the achievements to date.

New reception at Queen Mary Legal Advice CentreAmbreen Ahmed, Undergraduate Student Adviser 2021-2022 said: “The new facilities permit an enjoyable environment to work in. The works carried out took our wellbeing into account, whilst accommodating the measures needed to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. The creation of the new space ensured that the safety of both students and clients was maintained and even increased.”.



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