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School of Law

Thwarted Dulwich gallery art heist

Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law, Dr Saskia Hufnagel, appeared on BBC Radio 4 to discuss the recent thwarted attempt to steal two valuable Rembrandt paintings from Dulwich Picture Gallery.

An image of the entrance of Dulwich gallery.

Dr Hufnagel said: “It’s great news for the museum world that the theft has been thwarted and especially for smaller museums who don't have that much money to put into security it’s great news. When you put an alarm in and when there is good security guard response and good police response, it is possible to keep these paintings on site. Art crime may not always be reported by museums, because they are scared that if paintings get stolen from them, nobody will lend them pieces anymore.”

Listen to the full interview here [from 1:55.05].



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